On Real Life

So, Appalachian lets out this week, meaning my brother is going to be home until Sunday (when he leaves for Costa Rica, the annoying, money-having child. Which means I'm kicked out of my room until then, as he gets to have it while he's here (because, according to dad, he's the one who's "doing what he's supposed to be doing").

Long and sort of it is: my ability to write may be hindered by parental/fraternal intervention for the weekend. Which is annoying, as I'm off work til Thurs (when I go to training for like 12 hours a day for 3 days) and actually have my muse back.

But, in other news, I've heard more back from App, mainly in the financial aide department. I will DEFINITELY have enough aide money to go to school, and might have enough with one of the offered loans to live off-campus, away from my parents. Which poses a problem. Because I don't exactly ENJOY living with my parents, but it might remain the most fiscally responsible option.... Though I would really like to get out of the house once and for all, especially if I means I'll finally be about to do ADULT things, like go into town for two hours and not be constantly questioned about where I'm going or what I'm doing or when I'll be home. Plus, my attempts to convince dad to let me get a dog are constantly being stymied by his general apathy to anything that's not about him. And I'd really like to get one.

Mom says that I'll probably be able to afford it. It'll be a ramen noodle kind of lifestyle, but I'll be able to do it. Probably. We'll have to see once I get the formal letter - or go down to the offices on monday, - as I only learned about it trying to figure out my classes online earlier. But I'll officially be a sophomore, and depending on where I place in the math test, will only have 1 semester of gen ed to finish before I can get started on my major.... I keep telling mom that she should go in for her master's, so we'll all have sold our souls to App, but its debatable as to whether it would be worth the cost for her job. Dad also apparently did really well on the paper I edited him on - a 98 kind of good - and HIS teacher wants him to go in for a master's - he's a poli sci major - which he might actually do just for kicks if he can get the VA to pay for it. Which would be cool. Kinda.

So, yeah, a lot to think about today.... And the rain's started again. With luck, it won't wash the bridge out again and I'll be able to leave the mountain tomorrow for the farmer's market without going down the windy mountain roads...
I think moving out would be good for you, though you'd have to see if it's fiscally feasible. It'd get you away from your dad at least, who may be an overall decent person, but isn't all that kind to you.

I'm super sad you may not get any writing done, though :(

Sounds like you won't have long to go before you get your degree - I envy you that. I am so slow at school, ugh.

Yeah. Since part of the arguement I was telling you about involved him telling me he didn't want me here (in a fairly gentle way for him), I'm definately going to have to look into that. ASAP.