So, as some of you may be aware, I applied to the local college immediately after getting back from boot camp.

And, after much finagling, not only am I in, but they finally figured out the mess with all my credit hours - enough so I only have about 4 general ed classes left to take. Most of my major-specific classes didn't transfer, but that's okay, because a Computer Science bachelor's is surprisingly different than a Digital Media associate's. But it was worth all the pain and suffering yesterday of going down to the transfer office before work and speaking with the lady there - she got me 12 more hours, ones that knocked out most my gen ed stuff.

Still, it was annoying to learn that summer classes require a different application and a different finacial aide form, but it's probably for the best that I'm not going to be trying to do that and work at the same time, and since my job only turns out to be seasonal, I can concentrate fully on school come fall. I can probably finish in 6 semesters, if I can get the prereqs knocked out early on. So next semester my brother will be a junior there, dad will be... well, technically a senior, but with like 2 more semesters of work to do at his current pace, and I'll be like... halfway thru sophomore year with all my credits? I told mom she needs to go for her master's, so the college will own all of our souls, but that's not happening so far.

I just hope the financial aide comes thru. According to FAFSA's web site, I should be golden, but I've not gotten the formal offer from the school yet, so... ::crosses fingers::
::crosses fingers too:: That's great news, bb! Summer sessions are the best, though, because the classes are short and don't cover as much material, but you still get the same number of credit hours. Gods bless the UNC system. Here's hoping your degree will prove more useful to you than mine is, though.
*crosses fingers too*

I'm glad everything got fixed :) Sounds like you'll be moving through to get your degree really fast! I switched majors and can only take 2 classes at a time with what financial aid I get (which leaves barely enough to get my books). Sometimes I feel like I'm running in place re: college.

I'm sure the formal offer from the school will come through in no time :)

Hopefully it'll will work out. But I'm not pinning too many hopes on it, as all my other plans have fallen through in the past.
*crosses fingers* Good luck with everything! I'll be watching from the sidelines how things progress, even though I don't always have the energy to comment. Sounds like things are looking up for you, so happy for that! *hugs*