Game of Thrones S1 commentary

So, I actually finished S1 yesterday morning before work, but a series of events which are totally par for my life prevented me from doing this then. Mainly the editing of my brother's 25 PAGE PAPER six hours before it was due and work.

I'll come out and say that "Winter is Coming" didn't fill me with much hope. Yes, it was interesting, but it was - in typical HBO fashion - filled with gratitious nudity/sex/incest/what have you as hooks for the people who watch for that sort of thing. The only character I found interesting at all in the pilot was Daenerys Targaryen, though Arya Stark started capturing my interest towards the middle of the series, as did Tyrion Lannister. Honestly, I only kept watching out of sheer boredom.

But, as time went on, I grew interested in the political machinations - because, yes, that's the kind of person I am. Granted, a lot of the stuff bores me after a while - ie, Sansa's storyline is sad, and I do feel sad for her, but I don't really care for it - and I wasn't even that torn up when they killed Ned Stark, though I understand a lot of people were at the time. Mostly, I'm just watching to see what happens, rather then deep and abiding interest in the show.

Though I'll admit that the moment Arya Stark and Gendry met, a ship irrevocably formed in my mind, despite the fact that they'd said all of two lines to each other and he didn't know she was a girl and there's like 5 years - at least - age difference between them. Yes, I have issues. But I can't explain it, and despite my love for Daenerys, I kinda hope that Gendry wins the throne (despite the fact that he doesn't know it can be his yet) and he and Arya get married and she can be the kind of lady she wants to be....

Yes, issues. But, as I said, Daenerys and Arya are the character's I'm watching for.

Other than that, the scenery/costuming/opening sequence is great, and I guess it's on to S2....
I love Arya and Gendry. And Tryion. I'm also really interested in two characters, one of which you haven't met yet I don't think, and their interactions. The show's not bad - a good way to waste an hour - and I've read a couple fics, but nothing I want to spend my time on.

So you plan to keep watching then, if only for boredom?
Yeah, I plan to keep at it, if only for boredom's sake. I don't have the deep love or need to know what happens next, as with SGA or SPN, but I'm interested enough to want to know what happens next.
I'm sorry it didn't capture your interest like SPN or SGA~ At least it's a way to kill time.