Iron Man 3 commentary

So, having the day off work, I went to go see Iron Man 3 today (and, more importantly, buy tickets for the 12:01am showing of Star Trek: Into Darkness on the 16th - yes, the 16th).

And my first thought is that, while not as good as the first Iron Man movie, or The Avengers, it was still pretty damn good. Not good enough for me to see it again in theatres (unless I'm really bored), but I'll definately be getting it on DVD.

My second thought is: I love how in the Marvel universe, EVERYONE can be a hero. Seriously, so much of the movie is Tony as TONY, not Iron Man - or, rather, Iron Man without the armour. Because, at its heart, that's what this movie is about: that Tony IS Iron Man. The suit does not make him a hero. He is a hero because of who he is; because he built the armour out of scraps in a cave and chose to put it on again after to protect and defend those people he loves and had hurt. He changed. He made amends. He chose to be a better person and kept on being a better person long after it was about revenge. And while he may have had some advantages over other people - his money, his education - he still made a choice, no different than anyone else, and that makes him heroic.

Which, to get back to the above, is what IM3 is all about. It's not about a "big an in a suit of armour." Take that away and Tony is STILL Iron Man. He's the genius who built it, the mechanic who maintains it; the man who fights within it. It would be so easy with armour like that to turn to war profiteering or conquest. But he doesn't. And even when all is lost, he still doest the right thing - albeit with a wonderful snark and flair.

It's the same throughout the movie. It's the average people who are heroes too - the boy who helped him after his armour broke, and who talked him through his panic attacks - Pepper, who is supposed to be the victim, the damsel in distress, but is still a powerful CEO and who isn't willing to take any crap from anybody, not even her superhero boyfriend - Happy, who just a man but was still trying to look out for his friends, and didn't run away from danger. Hell, Tony himself isn't even a classical superhero (which is why I love him so much. Oh, look, my thing for antiheroes is showing again....). He wasn't bit by anything, or pumped full of something, or hit by a spell or radiation. He's a hero because of who he is already, because of what choses to with what he has. And, again, maybe he's been privileged, but at least he uses his privilege.

As for the movie itself, well, I found the psych couch monologuing a little odd, as Tony's never really been that kind of monologue-ist. Yes, he talks all the time, but he doesn't ever SAY anything important, not directly (as is the case with so many of my favourite characters). The different style took a little time to get used to.... and I didn't see who the Mandarin really was until right before, or what Tony's old girlfriend really wanted, which is just, YAY, not predicable.

I will admit to tears when the bots fell into the ocean. And a few more when Dummy was safe in his trailer at the end.

My biggest complaint is that, for all this follows The Avengers and mentions the stuff in New York pretty often, it doesn't feel like a true extension thereof. Yes, Tony's affected by it, but none of the characters from the other movie are even mentioned, or is the fallout beyond his anxiety issues even fleetingly discussed. Even our dear Bruce Banner isn't mentioned by name in his cameo at the end. I feel like they could have done more.

I think this is the end of an era though. Tony and Iron Man will be in the next Avengers movie, certainly, and will continue to make cameos - Iron Man is by far their most popular character and can be credited with giving Marvel the fanbase needed for the success of all the other movies that followed it - I doubt there will be an IE4. There'se just no where to go without regressing Tony's character, as they appeared to do in IM2 before we knew about the palladium poisoning, or without something major happening in the next Avengers to cause some sort of personal crisis - say, Pepper's death or the failure of their relationship.

I think that's it though. All in all, 4 out of 5 stars. A good movie, but not a epic one, but a worthwhile installment nonetheless and not just a cash cow.
I was reading Entertainment Weekly while waiting for my mom to finish her PT that spoke of Iron Man 3 and Marvel's plans for "stage 2", which is basically the sequels to the main Avengers' movies like Thor and Captain America. And a lot of what you said shows int he article.

The whole Tony has fully evolved, and there's no real need for a sequel with Tony's new maturity. I think part of why they didn't connect more fully with the Avengers' movie was because this was meant to focus on Tony and his issues. If Steve or any of the other Avengers were around during this incident, the outcome would have been different. I kinda liked how Tony had to deal in isolation with what happened to him.

I very much enjoyed the film, and also freaked out when the bots slid into the sea.
As do I, though I must admit I felt the lack of the other Avengers in the movie. Even a throwaway comment about what one of the others was doing would have been nice.

But, yes, Tony is fully evolved now. And I'm glad to see the critics agree with me ;) Nothing will ever quite compare to the first movie of any series, but this was a worthy sequel.

I'm glad I'm not the only one emotionally attached to the bots.
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