So, I'm kinda bored and celebrating the fact that I got everything I needed for work (on supersale!), so if anyone wants to leave any prompts, or ask any questions - about me or RL or the AJ 'verse - feel free. 'Cause I got time and am in a good mood. 
I've been wondering what 'Rory thinks of the Alterans coming back and taking over Atlantis. I would think she might be somewhat upset if only because her pastor is without Radek, but how much of this does she conceptualise?
...the answer is on it's way. but the long and short of it is, Rory, in my mind, is a lot like a toddler. She's getting better/more mature as time goes on, but she's still having trouble dealing with the intricacies of things.
That's pretty much what I was thinking; I guess she's got a child's basic ability to sense the mood of her 'parents' and can probably tell that something is upsetting them, but maybe not why. Maybe similar to a kid that puts two and two together and comes up with 'last thing that happened' = what upset mommy.
pretty much. she's getting better - my mental image has her at about 4 when she was discovered, and now she's maybe closer to 6 or 7, for all the sense that makes - but she's not above throwing temper tantrums if she doesn't get her way.

... Neither is Atlantis, for that matter.
...all of it?

I have the idea of what to write, but getting started is proving to be difficult. I've started and begun the chappie a thousand times already, but none of them are sticking.
I suppose it would be against the rules or something for John to visit Rodney? He's Ascended, after all...
:P that might come later. But three million light years is pretty far, even for an Ascended being...
so, yeah, it'd take John what, a day or two each way? But the real question is whether or not he wants to leave Atlantis in THEIR hands.
That's an excellent point! Because I didn't think about how much time it would take, I also didn't think about how he'd have to leave Atlantis in their hands for a period of time. I just like to think John misses Rodney just as much :P I imagine the Alterans don't approve of the relationship, if they even know of it.
oooh, the Ancients don't approve, that's for certain. And John wouldn't want to leave Atlantis in their hands for any length of time, no matter how much he misses Rodney
I'm not surprised the Ancients don't approve :\

*nod* Understandable that he wouldn't! I don't trust those people, and I don't like them.
I don't either.

Plus, the Ancients consider their Descendants to be little more than semi-evolved simians. They'd look upon it the same way we'd look upon a human having sex with a chimp. More or less.
exactly. Not to mention that they didn't exactly have a high opinion of John (or his sexual tendencies) before hand.