AO3 Stat meme

Blatantly stolen from the always lovely hoktauri (because I was bored and adore memes):

My top ten fics on AO3:

  1. Martyr (SGA / 9694 hits / 191 kudos)

  2. The Paradox of War and Other Drabbles (SGA / 6907 hits / 139 kudos)

  3. Pastor (SGA / 5981 hits / 98 kudos)

  4. Someone To Run To (HP / 4307 Hits / 83 kudos)

  5. 1 March 2012 (SG1/SGA / 3004 hits / 64 kudos)

  6. Defensor (SGA / 2839 hits / 60 kudos)

  7. Discretion (SGA / 1958 hits / 83 kudos)

  8. Bashert (SGA / 1895 hits / 100 kudos)

  9. Fratris Filii (SG1 / 1883 hits / 30 kudos)

  10. Somniati (SGA / 1808 hits / 21 kudos)

And first off, all I can say is wow. It always surprises me which of my fics people turn out to like and which don't, and where. For instance, The Guide Series (Twilight) is really popular over on, with excess of 500+ reviews for each major story, but they're among my least-viewed stories on AO3. Very odd. It's also good to see people are still reading my first baby, STaRT - I'll get a review for it once every few months for so, and it always makes my day that people still enjoy a fic that's almost 4 years old now.

But the winner by far is "Martyr," which has the entire S2 of the AJ 'verse all in one place over there. And, yes, that might just be because it is 40 chapters long and took me a year to finish, but it's still #13 (out of 6767) when you sort Rodney McKay/John Sheppard by hits. Which puts me firmly on the first page, which gives me all sorts of tingles. (I think when it finally hits 10,000 I shall have to do something to celebrate). It's also #14 when you sort by kudos, so... I'm glad so many people like it still.

The one I really wish would get more love is Life You Love, which is pretty much a love song to my muse and which I adore so much.
\ o / I'm pleased to see Bashert up there, because soulmates fic! All your fic is SO GOOD though. /has nothing of interest to say
Have just gone and read Life You Love again, wonderful story, I just love the John's grandmother, she's a wonderful character.