untitled drabble #69

Title: untitled drabble #69
Rating: PG
Pairing: background Ancient!John/Rodney,
Warnings: set anytime during S2/S3 to date in the Ancient!John 'Verse
Summary: Iohannes' thoughts on Wormhole X-treme
Notes: Because silvershadowkit commented in my quest for prompts yesterday: Something about Wormhole X-Treme, regular or Pegasus. I know that Iohannes seems to like it, but I kinda want to know what the rest of the cast thinks. I haven't seen much SG-1, so I don't know all that much about it canonically. I'm interested to see what your take on it it. IDK if this is what she had in mind, but it's what happened. Oh, and my meta'ish thoughts on both "series" can be found here.


An Ancient!John Story

"Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today — but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation, if we are to be saved at all."

Isaac Asimov

Iohannes loves Star Trek for it's bad special effects and it's ability to ask hard questions – the ones that need to be asked - in ways that aren't immediately obvious. And if "Where No Man Has Gone Before" reminded him of the morality plays written during the Major Diaspora, well, he's not telling, if only because that involves sharing more of his people's history with the Terrans than he thinks he'll ever be comfortable with.

He loves the spin-offs too: The Next Generation for it's simplistic belief that all a world's problems could be solved in a single episode; Deep Space Nine for it's willingness to tackle the darker side of things; Voyager for its willingness to break the mould, and Enterprise for all its potential.

And that's just one franchise.

He loves Doctor Who – the new and the original – because, well, it's good to see someone who's lost his entire species and found reasons to go on, even if he is just a fiction character in a fictional universe that probably would have given Father nightmares with it's inability to follow the rules of logic or physics. Andromeda too, for that matter, though he's not as big a fan.

He can appreciate Battlestar Galactica – the remake – for what it is, even if a group of humanoids fleeing through space after the genocide of their people hits a little too close to home (he'd heard enough stories about the Migration Period growing up that he'd not been able to watch the nuclear bombings of the Colonies without becoming ill, even if he'd given Rodney other excuses for why he'd fled the room). After a few episodes, he even finds its treatment of AIs more amusing than absurd.

And don't even get Iohannes started on how much he adores Firefly.

But his favourite – his absolute favourite – is Wormhole X-treme and (no matter how many times the Terrans mock him for it) it always will be. At first it was simply because watching the show could get him out of reading SGC mission reports and trying to figure out how on Lantea a group of humanoid hunter/gathers had managed to evolve to the point of having microprocessors and nuclear weapons, but before long he genuinely comes to like the show. Because, despite its campiness in the earlier seasons, its real. It's not just a fun way to spend forty-five minutes, it's the best window he has to understanding the Terrans' Stargate Program without actually having been there. It certainly puts Thor's relationship with the Terrans in a lot better perspective, even if they call him Tlaloc on the show, to say nothing of illustrating for Iohannes just why the Terrans revere his race so, even if if its not gotten to the point of actual worship.

(And if season five has the added bonus of showing what Rodney – or, at least, his Wormhole X-treme analogue, Doctor Andrew Winters – was like before he met him, well, Iohannes isn't telling any tales.)

Even if this wasn't the case, Iohannes thinks he'd like the show anyway. Even if it wasn't just a cover story for some Air Force project, it's real in a way the other shows don't quite manage. It's about real people...

It's is the story of the Terrans' progression from a somewhat stumbling, young race into the intergalactic powerhouse he sees now (and even if it were just a story, he thinks it would be a great one to watch). It's the story of how the Terrans came to take up the mantel Thor has granted them as the Fifth Race of the old Alliance. More than that, it's honest in how they came by that title, those powers: by standing on the shoulders of giants.

Even in its worst moments, Wormhole X-treme shows how the Terrans learned from other races' mistakes. It gives him hope that they'll continue to learn and survive to build something far grander than any of the old Alliance could ever imagine.

This is such a satisfying read. on Lantea a group of humanoid hunter/gathers had managed to evolve to the point of having microprocessors and nuclear weapons...

Sometimes I think about this :D About how we've come so far from where we were, how amazing it must seem to these advanced races that have been around for so, so long. Which is directly related to a later line, about how we go from a stumbling young race to the intergalactic powerhouse we are now XD I'm so proud of this fictional universe and all they've managed to accomplish :P

I love John's reasons for loving Wormhole X-treme, and I'm really glad you included his thoughts on other sci-fi shows.

Like I said, a very satisfying read!
Well, you can't talk about SyFy without talking about all the greats. Especially when you consider a show like Wormhole X-treme is his favourite.

Because, yeah, you've got to admit it's awfully fast, and under any other circumstances we'd probably have destroyed ourselves with such quick evolution. Plus, add to that the fact that Iohannes was in stasis for most of that and, well, it's a bit of a shocker.
I can't imagine going to "sleep" one day and wake to find this primitive species is all grown up. Not on part with your own culture, but certainly making progress in that direction. I wonder if John needed a couple days to fully accept that these were the same people that were hunter/gathers just the other day (to him)?
Oh yeah...I keep on trying to write a drabble for that, but I can't seem to make it anything other than far too OoC for John, Alteran or not. ::hangs head in failure::
i know, but it annoys me. I mean, how do you write it? It's like, Iohannes/John is such a seemingly unflappable character and, in this verse, genuinely dislikes most of his species. and then, when he's pulled out of stasis, he finds 10,000 years have passed, everyone he knows is dead, and these monkeys are running around his city, barely evolved but better than nothing. I mean, how do you write that without serious depression and/or sounding like a sociopath?
Or making it sound like John looks down on the Terrans (ex. thinking of them as monkeys). I suppose you could focus more on the amazement/surprise of the Terrans evolution, rather than writing about how much time it must have taken? Sort of a, "Iohannes was amazed at how far they'd come, and took to watching them interact with a quiet fascination."
probably. though it's more the holy fuck, everyone else is dead / I am the last one left / what am I supposed to do? part I want to focus on rather than the Terrans themselves.
Hence the depression bit, I see, I see.

Yeaaah. I'm not sure how you'd write that without making the readers wonder why John doesn't just kill himself.
...granted, his self-sacrificial tendencies could be viewed as suicide attempts if looked at out of context. But in context...

Maybe if he'd genuinely liked any of the others, depression could've been an honest reaction, but his lack-of-reaction is almost troubling too (thus the sociopath comment). I'll figure something out, eventually. But until then...
...his self-sacrificial tendencies could be viewed as suicide attempts if looked at out of context...

True! You'd think John would be upset at the end of his species, whether he liked any of them or not...

Good luck figuring something out! I think you may need it :P
OMG, you actually filled my prompt! I know you said you were adding it to the docket, but you actually did! I love how Iohannes is a fan of Firefly, and the explanations of his other shows. The fact that you acknowledge the darker sides of these shows, especially with Iohannes not being able to watch certain scenes, really moves this beyond the crack/fluff I was imagining would happen when I prompted this. I had imagined Rodney criticizing the appearance of the actor chosen to play him, and Iohannes responding that his actor was actually pretty attractive. This should continue with Rodney mocking the physics of Doctor Who, and Iohannes tossing popcorn (or whatever snack he likes) into his mouth with a smile on his face.
A fluffier version of this may appear at some point (when we get to the actual Pegasus X-treme version), but yeah. Being a fan is acknowledging both the good and bad of your fandoms.

and welcome!
This is lovely.

I have this image of John also throwing everyone for a loop when he says something about really fake sounding science (especially thinking of Doctor Who) being correct. Also, mauve is totally the color of danger for the Alterans, right?
God, I might have to make it "mauve alterts" for the Alterans - or right a drabble just about that....