Someone give me a meme or prompt or something. I'm dying of boredom here. 
Pretty much anything for any fandom I belong to at this point bb. I'm having an impossible time writing anything.
A few suggestions and questions to narrow it down:

A Buffy/Steve Rogers story or Tony stark/Buffy/Steve Rogers one.
Introspection on Buffy by another slayer post-series.
John Sheppard, post-revelation, some of his old buddies discuss. Same could go for Rodney. Hey, they run an intergalactic city, that IS awesome.
Jack O’Neill ascends. No one is amused.
Q/Jean-Luc. They bond.

Star Trek - anything to focus on?
Lord of the Rings - your favourites?
Star Wars - which point in time, characters?
Star Trek: I'll definately be looking for the Jim/Bones moments in the new movie. That was a ship that kinda snuck up on me after a couple rewatches and now cannot be denied.

Lord of the Rings: favourite characters (in no particular order) include: Eomer, Eowyn, Elrond, Faramir, and... well, that's pretty much it. Though I've some strong Aragorn and Legolas feels (but not together; LotR is the one fandom I'm in that I'm strongly anti-ship).

Star Wars: I love Anakin's story arc, even if I don't like how it came across on screen. I love Padme before she gets all twitterpated after becoming pregnant. I love Leia for being a BAMF, and I love Han because, well, I'm a cliche and love the bad boys. Particularly after they stop being so bad.

As for the ficlet... I'll get on it. Thanks bb. ;)
So few more from me and I hope it was helpful a bit.

Bones is still trying to figure out what the hell is he doing here. On Enterprise. With this insane (and insanely young) crew. And a captain aiming for the title Lord of Mayhem.
Elrond remembers Gil-galad or Elros
Eowyn becomes Queen of Rohan
Leia explores Force.
Padme gets a second chance to fix things
And yeah, Janeway/Chakotay romance. Wouldn't mind reading a long-burning one you considered a time ago or merely them not getting cured and staying on that planet. That episode was such a terrible tease....
...I actually disliked that episode. But, yeah, I do have that idea still kicking around for a long-burning romanace between them... Might give me an excuse to rewatch the series too if I write it...

Really! Why did you dislike it? *honestly curious*
I was amused by it and it gave me some ammunition for my shipping.
it was just... they could have done so much more with that episode. They just... did it in a way that undermined the ship (in my opinion) more than it helped. Especially considering it was never brought up again.
True. But you take what you can get. There are things that bug me far far more throughout the series.
Rewrite of the episode on the other hand... the power is yours.

But seriously, out of all the prompts that came to mind I find myself strangely charmed by Tony Stark/ Buffy/ Steve Rogers pairing. That would be interesting; wonder if anyone tackled that.
And can't believe I forgot fem!Shepard there.
Well, i've already picked one and started, so....

and, yeah, there's a lot about VOY that bugs me a lot more, but it annoys me that I've never found a single J/C fic that was actually worth rereading.
"Well, i've already picked one and started, so...."
Awesome, I'll stop bugging you then. And it's midnight here so I should go to get my rest...
What I meant with my comment is that that trio came out of nowhere so I'm rather intrigued by the idea and how my mind produced it.

"but it annoys me that I've never found a single J/C fic that was actually worth rereading."
it's true. I've not read many, but never any good ones. Maybe I've just not searched hard enough.

thanks bb! sleep well!

(and I've no idea where that trio could come from either, only that it sounds like it could be interesting.)
Something about Wormhole X-Treme, regular or Pegasus. I know that Iohannes seems to like it, but I kinda want to know what the rest of the cast thinks. I haven't seen much SG-1, so I don't know all that much about it canonically. I'm interested to see what your take on it is.