untitled drabble #68

Title: untitled drabble #68
Rating: G
Pairing: Ancient!John/Rodney, Evan Lorne
Warnings: post-"Iudex"; ie "The Return, Part 1"
Summary: "There is visible labor and there is invisible labor."
Notes: Because the next installment is being fickle.

An Ancient!John Drabble

"A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There is visible labor and there is invisible labor."

Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

"Okay," Iohannes says brightly when he thinks he can breathe again, wanting to do anything to dispel the awful silence that had fallen over the Gate Room after the 'pons astris' had disconnected behind Rodney and Radek.

Lorne looks at him with such expectation in his eyes that Iohannes has to take another deep, steadying breath that he really doesn't need except for the fact that it reminds him he was mortal once (and will be again, if he has anything to say about it). It reminds him that the paths he sees cannot be discerned by other eyes. That he has half an eternity to walk the road he has chosen for himself, but that those he walks it for are far more transient and could easily not live to see the end.

He must be quick. He must not stumble. He could take three hundred years to get the Terrans back to Atlantis, but anything more than thirty is almost guaranteed to keep him from seeing Rodney ever again and taking even as few as three is likely to loose him to someone who isn't three million lightyears away.

"Okay," Iohannes says again, clapping his hands together for added emphasis. "C'mon, buddy; we've got work to do."

Good wibbly; sort of hands flaily, cute noises wibbly. Funnily enough, it's very similar to my reaction to the cat doing something especially adorable.
Sounds like John has a plan :D YAY.

Poor Lorne, though. Stuck on Atlantis with those people. The only saving grace would be John~
he's now in the same position John was 2.5 years ago, more or less

but John does have a plan. more or less.
I've seen John's plans--this is not necessarily encouraging. Most of them only worked because Rodney was there to fix things!