T-30 Days and Counting

T-30 thirty days and counting until Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Star Trek. Chris Pine. Karl Urban. Benedict Cumberbatch. There is nothing about this movie that I don't already love.

That's basically my reaction whenever I see the previews/posters. My parents (who are kind enough to board me while I find a good job) don't understand when I start to go "squee", but they just smile and nod. Then again, they're kinda in my debt now, as my mom is recovering from surgery and I'm acting as her personal valet.
My mother introduced me to Star Trek. When I was born, Dad was stationed in Germany and we were REALLY poor, so we'd watch taped episodes of TNG over and over again, to the point that, when I was four or so and someone asked me to recite the pledge of allegiance, I recited the "These are the Voyages..." speech instead.

So, yeah, Mom gets my squee (for ST at least. I've not managed to get her into SG1/SGA or SPN yet, though we share other fandoms). We're even proposing rewatching ST:XI every night until ST:XII comes out. We did that every night for a month after the last one came out on DVD, so it might actually happen...

I grew up watching Voyager with my dad, and we've tried bonding recently over TOS, but he still doesn't get the squee. They know I've excited for the movie, but I try to tell them about other things I'm excited for (Like the new TV series SHIELD based off the Marvel/Avengers movie coming this fall hopefully) but they still don't understand. My dad doesn't seem to get my obsessions at all, and yet I had over 2 book shelves dedicated to his old Star Wars books when I was younger, so he seems to be a hypocrite.

There was a period of time after the Matrix movies were finished in theaters that I watched them over and over for a few weeks at least. There was something when I was about 12-13 that completely captured me in those movies.

On the other hand, I bond with my mom while watching America's Funniest Home Videos. Sometimes I just watch her reactions rather than the show, because if it looks bad enough to her, she'll flail her arms and make high pitch noises of distress.
Ah, Voyager. I recently rewatched the whole series, but as a kid a lot of the early episodes tramatized me - "Threshold" being the primary offender. Never did care for Kes though...

Dad isn't into SyFy at all. He lothes anything fiction, which is odd considering my Mom loves SyFy and Fantasy. But you know what they say about opposites atracting. She doesn't really get my Avengers squee either, but anything LotR or ST or Grimm she can get pretty solidly behind. And, like I said, I'm working to convert her to SPN. We watched most of (the better episodes of) S1 before I shipped, and I'm hoping to get her to watch the rest before long.

I liked the original Matrix, but the second two were a little... IDK. I still love the movies, but the ending never felt right to me.
The first Matrix appealed to me more than the others, I will admit. My mom can watch shows like Monk and NCIS with me no problem, but it's always an adventure when we go to the movies. Often she'll whisper to me "Okay, what's happening now?" and I'll have to explain something quickly. The ride back home if often full of explanations for my mom, and my dad and I debating how things happened or what didn't make sense.

My dad normally talks to me about the theory and references in different types of media, and when he gets on a point he never lets it go. Recently we started talking about how the character of Snake Eyes in the GI Joe films could theoretically be played by anyone, as you never see their faces. Three days later, he continues the conversation with he second movie and how the same could happen with Cobra Commander, as he wears a full helmet the entire time.

I've had fun discussing some parts of ST canon and fandom with him, and he seems vaguely amused most of the time. I don't get how he can't understand this part of me, yet when we start to watch Star Wars: A New Hope, he starts saying C-3PO's lines nearly 5 minutes ahead of time. My mom and I have to yell at him to stop, and he just shrugs at us.
I caught some episodes of an NCIS marathon the night before I shipped out. Just enought to get curious about the show. As soon as I can find it online (or afford it) I'm going to try to get into it. It seems like something I might like.

The only things dad and I can talk about are politics and religion. We like completely different books and movies and he, frankly, is at a loss to relate to my RL, but we can talk about anything that's on the news to whit's end. It's kinda fraked up, but it works for us. Most the time.

Mom and I can almost repeat word for word the entire ST:XI movie (or the Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy books). It's hillarious when we watch it, because we both end up taking a nap when Kirk's pod lands on Delta Vega and wake up when he and TOS!Spock reach Scotty's outpost - at the same time.
NCIS is a fantastic series in my opinion. The characters interact wonderfully, and while some of the plot points get fuzzy when you watch on TV, when you have a chance to view them in order everything makes sense. You'll have to tell me what ships you see, as there are so many possibilities. Tony DiNozzo is my favorite, and his attitude at times is similar to Dean's, so I think you'll like him too.

My dad and I can talk about stuff on the news, but we will have issues at times. I tend to take a more liberal view, while he is very conservative. He does admit to understanding my views, but he constantly has to play devil's advocate. We tend to have similar book tastes, but while I can reread a book happily, he constantly has to get new books, which can be annoying. We have at least 2 book shelves of just his stuff, and a few boxes in the attic as well. But we do have fun looking at action/adventure films and scifi films and trying to figure out the physics behind the stunts and then debating our views.

My mom will gladly watch just about anything with me, but she sometimes forgets details in movie series, so my dad and I have to fill her in. Her response is "How do you guys remember all those details, and yet you can't remember when I ask you to vacuum?" Especially in movies based off books when we note all the things that have been changed. We've been having some fun bouncing around Netflix, but I have to handle navigation, as my PS3 controller is too complicated for her. My suggestions list is strange due to her watching WW2 movies to understand my grandfather and my viewing of the Disney animated series "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" which is its own bundle of laughs.
Well, I downloaded S3 of NCIS last night and am going to start it on the treadmill today, so I'll let you know (It was a Tiva marathon I caught, so that's why I'm starting there.)

Luckily me and my dad are both very liberal - me more so in some areas, but on most issues we can find some sort of accordance. Dad hates it when I buy books though, mostly because he sees it as a waste of money I don't have to be spending. Thus the grand reread of the 50 or so books I saved from the used bookstore I've got planned.

Mom's good for remembering details, but not fangirlishly so. She'll remember most the stuff, but if it's been a while she'll forget some things. But she's like that in everyday life - she'll forget when I've told her I'll be back and start freaking out and stuff like that, nevermind I'm 25 and an adult. Le sigh.