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So one odd thing about SEPS is that it's caused my facebook to explode for the first time in years. (Seriously, I've not added this many new people to it since I was a freshman in college.)

Anyway, one of the girls from SEPS who got a "good" reenlistment code posted this today:

GREAT MORE LIES!!!!!!!!!!!
My SEPS girls...

If you're still in seps, spread the word about legal lying. YOU CANNOT COME BACK to any branch of military with any of the RE codes they provide. Use your time online to research it. RE-1 will get you back in but they don't offer that. Best bet would be fighting for it all you can. If it means that much to you, you'll find a way.

So apparently, even if they'd given me an RE-3 or RE-8 - the "good" reenlistment codes SEPS can give you, I'd still not be able to get back in. It kind of makes me glad I didn't fight, so I wouldn't have all been for naught, but, God. The whole thing just makes me so upset. Mom is outright furious about the whole situation and still wants to sue (for all the good it would do, I keep telling her) or something. I WANTED to serve. I was the ideal sailor. I had an ASVAB score of 98 out of 99, for goodness sakes.


I'm just so tired of all the lies. All I want is to get on with my life, but the place I interviewed at on Thurs hasn't called back and I've not heard from anyone else... I've an interview at a country club tomorrow, but that's just seasonal work and I kinda want more.


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I know exactly how you feel. I applied for a job to be told that I was 'overqualified' but that he would keep me in mind. A week later, I find out he's already hired someone and I never even got an interview. It makes a change from the postings where I'm underqualified because I have no experience, I suppose, but it's so damn frustrating.

I'm glad you didn't waste time and energy fighting it, if that was the truth of the matter. That's a rotten thing to do to people.

Hopefully we'll both get jobs soon!
Yeah, the girl who'd been there the longest went home the week after I did - 12 weeks, 6 days in SEPS; she got to boot camp in October and almost finished before being sent to seperations - and the one who was Seabag PO with me is going home at the end of this week - after 8 weeks in SEPS and 3 appeals.

Still, all I really want is a job. Any job. If the interveiw tomorrow doesn't go well, I'm applying to walmart. Le sigh.