Les Miserables commentary

So I finally did it. I finally watched Les Mis.

To be completely honest, I wasn't expecting to like it. I only watched it because popkin16 has been after me forever to do so, and because I happened to catch the first hour while in SEPS. But I did. Yes, there was slightly too much singing for my taste (it probably could have been done just as well without all the dialogue being sung, but whatever, it's a thing, it was different), but other than that... The costumes and the scenery were great, and yes I cried... but first:

Eponine may well be my favourite character in the movie. Not only is her story arc just heart-breaking to the nth degree, but her song "On My Own" is just tear-jerkingly beautiful. And so easily applied to so many fangirl's. She could have been bitter about Marius not loving her - she could have so easily gone that cliche route - but instead she tries to protect him and the girl he does love, going against even her own father. Kudos to her.

And then Javert. Javert! I feel strongly for him as well, actually thinking that honesty and hard-work get you anywhere in this world (I may be having stronger libertarian feelings than usual because of recent circumstances). You've got to admire him for raising himself out of the gutter and for being so devoted to his morality, even if he's almost mindlessly so at times. His suicide is truly tragic, though I kinda saw it coming the moment Valjean refused to kill him. That sort of dissonance DOES things to people. (Perhaps I'm coming at this from too strong an SPN angle, or maybe because a lot of his scenes take place in monasteries/near crosses, statues of angels, and other things with wings/and he mentions Lucifer a lot, but I get a very angelic, warrior-of-god feel from Javert. In fact, I can transfer a lot of feelings from this whole movie into SPN - the Barricade Boys becoming Castiel's S6 rebellion in heaven, or Team Free Will in general, and so forth. But that might just be true of anything to do with revolution). I feel for him. And have to wonder in my fangirlish mind where his obsession with tracking Valjean down came from - but I'm sure there's already a fic out there addressing it for me.

Also, to step back to recent circumstances for a bit, I managed to watch thru "Stars" at SEPS, and as such probably over-identified with the early numbers "Look Down" and "At The End of the Day" a little too much. (Look down, Look down, don't look them in the eye, which is something you quickly learn to do with any and everyone E-4 or above at boot camp; At the end of the day you're another day older and that's all you can say for the life of the poor. It's a struggle, it's a war and there's nothing that anyone's giving. One more day standing about, what is it for? One day less to be living, pretty much describing SEPs perfectly.)

Also, "One Day More" is one of the best musical numbers I've seen/heard, right up there with BtVS' "Walk Through the Fire" from "Once More With Feeling," which, yes, is my favourite ever.

Moving on: I didn't really go looking for it, but I can definately see where the Enjorlas/Marius ship comes from, though sadly I feel it's mostly one-sided and that Marius is nothing more than a rich schoolboy following his whims without thoughts to the concequences. Particuarly when it comes to abandoning everything for a girl he's only talked to once/met yesterday. But whatever. I feel for Enjorlas. But I identify as a "left social libertarian" with strong "non-interventionist" and "cultural liberalism" according to this political quiz I took yesterday for kicks. (As if you couldn't already tell that from my stories.) You give me a story about revolution and fighting for freedom against impossible odds and I'm immediately a sucker. Especially for true believers/martyrs like Enjorlas. (Especially if he really does have feelings for Marius, which can only be painful and fruitless considering Marius' flip/flopish nature).

I don't really like Marius, if you can't tell. I even didn't care much for Valjean until his death scene. That's probably an unpopular opinion.

But, "To Love Another Person Is To See The Face Of God", truly is the overarching theme of this movie. Or maybe life itself. I'm not sure. All I know is that, again and again, this movie shows how much the force of love can change a person's life - all kinds of love, not just romantic, or returned. You catch more flies with honey, after all.

Either way, I liked this movie enough to buy the soundtrack, and I'll probably check out the fanfiction, but it's not going to change my life, I don't think. But It was still a nice diversion - even if, as my brother says, "You don't need to watch it: all you need to know is everyone dies."
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(nod) When I've the chance, I'm going to read the book. It sounds fascinating, even if I usually don't go for the classics.

And you're more than willing to "stalk" my non-AJ posts. I don't post anything I don't mean for people to read. ;)
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