I had that dream again. The one where I'm back in SEPS.

I should laugh it off, because, really, it wasn't that traumatizing of a place, just BORING, but this makes the second time since I've been back home that I've dreamed of being dragged back there and forced to live through it for MONTHS more. (FYI, the longest stay in SEPS I know of is 13 weeks, by a girl who eventually lost her case and just got home this past Thursday).

It was absolutely terrifying. So terrifying that, in the dream, I for some reason tried to escape it by illegally crossing into Canada. I don't remember the details, only that I woke up scared to death (worse than some SPN episodes) and couldn't fall back asleep.

I think SEPS may have given me PTSD.
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*hugs* reoccurring nightmares like that are the worst, especially when they keep you from sleeping.

I think your mind is still trying to process the whole thing. And it might also relate to the fact that you're still trying to get out of somewhere, and thinking about moving out.

Wishing you happier dreams next night! ^_^