On Responsibility

I think I've applied to every business within 30 miles of my zip code in the last two days.

Well, not all of them - just the ones with online apps, but now that I've got my resume sorted out, I'm going to start going door to door on main street, and there's a job fair on Friday, so.... I might go cross-eyed before I finally get a job. Though I did get a nibble from a nearby resort yesterday. Nothing firm, just something saying they got my application and will be in touch with me by the 15th about maybe setting up an interview for one of their cafes, but it's better than nothing.

Dad sat down and had the "rules for living in my house" lecture last night. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, though I expect he'll keep finding ways to make my life difficult while I'm here. I have to pay rent, which isn't really unexpected or unreasonable except for the part where I DON'T HAVE A JOB and only limited savings, but hopefully that will change before it becomes a real problem. He says he'll reduce it if/when I go to school, which I've already applied for (and financial aide, hallelujah), but still. Money is money and I need to get a source of it soon.

I've gone shopping to spend a lot of it actually (well, not a lot, but a fair portion), but I gave away nearly all my stuff before I shipped out, so it was necessary. Got this jacket on sale that looks almost exactly like Dean's from the later seasons of SPN, but is really comfortable.

I'm in the process of typing up story number 3 for the AJ 'Verse (tentatively titled "Alter Ego") but RL issues and it's length have made that difficult. I'm over halfway there, though, so that's something. I've also changed a lot of my icons, so if you're wondering who the frak belong to some of the icons appearing on your dash, that's what it is.... I'm also in the process of catching up on a lot fic. (I actually had this wonderful conversation with one girl in SEPS about scifigrl47's "In which Tony Stark builds himself some friends (but his family was assigned by Nick Fury)" 'verse, though she is much more of a Black Widow/Hawkeye fan than she is Tony/Steve. Incidentally, I also had an hour long conversation another time with a different girl about how great Destiel really is (and how it's porn is better than Fifty Shades of Grey,) which just goes to show that my stay in SEPS wasn't completely awful.) So if anyone has any recs for any of my fandoms, feel free to share them.

I've also moved into the guest room now that my brother's back at school. It's mine until he comes back from his summer trip (to Costa Rica this time, the bastard) because, according to dad, "I'm not making my son, who's doing what he's SUPPOSED to, sleep anywhere but the bedroom" (and exact quote). So that gives me til like mid-July to get on my feet or in the garage. I'm hoping that soon I'll get a job, which should be enough to secure me enough to get a loan to build one those tumbleweed houses, which Dad is willing to let me keep on their 31 acres until I finish school, so hopefully I'll have a space of my own before long. A proper space of my own, where I don't have to worry about overly helpful parents (seriously mom, I went to boarding school at 14: I know how to do my own laundry, that credit cards must be paid on time, and that job ads can be found in newspapers) or ones who seem angry at my very presence (dad) or ones who dislike and disagree with all my life choices even though I've largely only ever done what they've suggested (dad again).

Le sigh. All I want is to be out of my parents' house and living my own life. But I keep getting pulled back in. I'm half afraid the moment I get on me feet here, something's going to happen to knock them out from under me. Again. Because once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but four times is the universe trying to tell me something.

"Because once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but four times is the universe trying to tell me something."

If you aren't succeeding, try, try, try again ?
well, that's what I keep doing. But you've got to admit, while I've got the trying part down, I'm having real trouble with the succeeding bit.
Eh, be patient and see where you'll be in a few months time or at the end of this year.
Seems like you are on the right track.
The tumbleweed house is just adorable. The one on the link looks like the love child of a British touring caravan, for holidays on the beach and a really posh garden shed. Can't imagine living in one in the weather we've recently had though.

I'm sure you'll find a job soon. Have you considered writing an original novel? ancient!John 'verse has to be novel length by now.
I did right an original novel in high school - 2.5, actually, but I got stuck on number three and transitioned into fanfiction instead. I've not looked back. But I have considered picking it up again after I finish the AJ 'verse. Or get significant inspiration. Every original idea I think of seems incredibly derivative in this world of vampire/werewolf/magic etc teen books.

The one in the link is the one I want. They're supposed to be quite cozy, with little fireplaces inside. I figure if I use recycled materials, I can build it for less.
Sounds to me like you can either avoid stories about Werewolves, Magic or Vampires, or look for a new twist to a tried and tested theme.

Although I get the impression you're currently in a head-space to write about immortals/fallen angels, impossible love affairs, punishment and redemption.
Yeah, I might very well be in that headspace. Though that might involve more reading of the bible for research that I've ever managed before....

::puts on thinking cap::
If the immortals you want to write about are Angels, the Bible is certainly one of the more obvious available references. Or you could go for Greek, or Roman mythology, or something more obscure.
True. I've a vague outline for a space opera in my head though, with mechanical/chemically assisted immortality. IDK, is the world ready for a gay space opera though (according to the TIME magazine I got in the mail today, it might be, but still.)
If you can flesh out your vague outline, there is no harm in trying. You could try getting published as an eBook, e.g. I think sgamadison publishes on Dreamspinner press.

I've a vague outline in my head for 1 book that I could possibly expand into a trilogy if I gave it some thought. My only fear is overextending myself - I've the AJ 'Verse, and soon I might have school and work, and adding an original story to that mix could make it hectic. Plus, writing's supposed to be fun, and if I can't make myself want to write it...

I do want to see where you will end up taking Ancient!John.

I hope you'll get both the job and the course. But now you also have a plan B.
I dunno. I think I passed plan C a couple plans ago.... I might actually be on Plan Q at this point.
Good luck getting that job! It sounds like you need one to get started on all your wonderufl plans :) You'll get there, though, I have no doubt.