Supernatural S8 commentary (part 2)

My thoughts on SPN, by episode, that I've managed to catch up on so far:

"Trial and Error": 1) Dean in glasses is hot. As is responsible/nesting!Dean. 2) I knew from the instant she showed up that that girl had sold her soul. But the episode was good regardless of predictability. 3) Nice to see the boys having real conversations with each other. Dean's "I'm the grunt" speech hit me all in the feels, as did Sam's acknowledgment of Dean's brains and worth at the end. 4) Dean's "I can't" = Proof of Destiel????? IDK, but my not so inner fangirl went wild with OTP squee. 5) I like that Sam got pulled into the trials. This means that he has a real reason to keep hunting, and both boys have a reason to stay alive. Or, at least, the will to do so. 6) The Dean she sees when the hellhounds are almost on her? The same Dean Cas sees (as he is a supernatural being as well)? A result of his time in hell and purgatory?

"Man's Best Friend With Benefits": 1) The plethora of Destiel parallels - the whole "the familiar chooses the master," "unconventional relationship" that they're persecuted for; being implanted with false memories(?) - makes me think we're finally heading down the road. I will be severely upset if this turns out to only be queerbaiting, because this has reached the point where I don't even have to TRY anymore to find otp in an episode. 2) I honestly don't remember the episode James was supposed to have been in before. Can somebody help me out there? 3) The special effects are getting a lot cooler/better. 4) I'm loving that the whole "chosen one" Sam thing is taking a physical toll on him. Very "eye for an eye" and "balance of good and evil" and interesting as opposed to the usual unconquerable hero routine. 4) "the only one you can trust is you" - a speech that was needed to be said; Purgatory didn't change Dean so much as bring out some of his more fundamental attributes. Sam, who is more keen to trust, wouldn't have done half so well there, I think.

"Remember the Titans": 1) THEY SHOWED HIM PRAYING TO CAS! It's like they're reading our tumblr wish lists and making all our dreams come true. I'm trying so hard not to get worked up in case they ARE just baiting us, but it's becoming harder and harder not to assume Destiel is the endgame here. And aadarshinah's first rule of shipping is: whatever ship has the most evidence, regardless of canon, is the OTP. And the evidence is starting to pile up. Because you get the impression he's still been praying EVERY DAY to Cas, like in Purgatory, and the sadness in his voice when Dean asks where Cas is.... 2) the dramatic zoom in. not so bad this time. 3) the parallels are less obvious in this one, but the idea of a supernatural being seeking redemption / being punished unjustly for his crimes is a nice Cas call back (they've been calling him back too much not to be giving him a larger role next season). 4) It's nice to see the pagan gods back again, though I am kinda sad they didn't bring up Gabriel/Loki. IDK why. I miss Gabe.