Angelus (3/3)

Title: Angelus (3/3)
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Ancient!John/Rodney, Jeannie/Kaleb Miller
Warnings: part 3 of #24 in the Ancient!John 'Verse (part 1, 2); "McKay and Mrs. Miller
Summary: Jeannie and Rodney have a heart-to-heart. Ish.
Notes: So I'm back. This is part of the group that I wrote while in the Separations barracks (I actually got through 4.5 stories - as far as "The Return," pt. 1, actually) that I'll be posting here as I can type them up. So probably every other day or so. Be warned, I had no access to any of my research or background materials there, so if things seem not right/contradict something previous, that is why. Tell me and I'll correct it ASAP.
But this finishes up "Angelus" but not "McKay and Mrs. Miller." That will come tomorrow(ish). As for everything else... well, I'm glad to be back, even if I didn't want it to go this way, and I'm beyond thankful to all of you who supported me through this trial.
Without further ado:

Pars Tria

Jeannie knocks tentatively on the door of her brother's bedroom. It's quiet in there now, but she hasn't spent two weeks in her brother's apartment, sharing a bedroom wall with Mer and his live-in boyfriend, without learning to be weary of such things. If it wasn't for the fact that her brother is one of the involved parties, she'd be jealous (her own honeymoon period with Kaleb cut rather short by Madison's birth).

Mostly, though, she just wishes they'd be quieter.

Still, she knocks. Quietly. Tentatively. And when she doesn't hear an immediate shout for her to go away, she waves her hand over the door controls.

They open slowly.


There's a low grunt.

"Mer?" she tries again.

"I swear, if this is anything less than the end of the world, I will hide the pieces so deep even your own mother won't notice you've gone missing."

"Mom died twelve years ago, you jerk."

She hears a long, muffled groan.

"What do you want, Jeannie?"

"Can we talk?"

Mer groans again, barely lifting his face out of his pillow. "Jeannie, I've been up for fifty-two hours straight and finally have a chance to try to sleep for six hours - max, if I'm lucky - without being bothered by incompetent Gate techs or conference attendees asking how to work the showers. So, this better be important, or, so help me God, sister or not, I will not be responsible for my actions."

Jeannie can't help it: she rolls her eyes. "You're such a child."

"I'm the Chief Science Office of the coolest, most advanced city in the universe. I can act however the hell I want.

"Real mature, Meredith."

Mer finally lifts his head off the pillow and shifts around to face her. "Again, Chief Science Officer. Atlantis. So, what do you want, Jeannie? I'm tired."

Jeannie takes another few steps into the room, pauses, then takes a few more. Now that she's here, she's not entirely sure how to go about this. Or if she really should go about it at all.

No, she takes that back. She 'has' to do this. It's her job as Mer's sister, even if they've never really been close, and what closeness they've gained in the last year or so has mostly been because of John and not any real action on Mer's part (or, admittedly, her own).

"It's about John," she says after a deep, bracing breath.

Mer sits straight up, the blanket pooling around his waist. Luckily, he's dressed, still in his rumpled Expedition uniform, sans jacket. "What about John," he asks, sounding far more awake than he had moments before.

"It's about you and John, actually."

"I'm listening," he replies testily.

"It's not," she broaches slowly, "that I don't 'like' John. Far from it. He's amazing and you two are brilliant together - I've never seen you happier. But..."


"It's just..." she plunges in. "Carson was telling me the other day about what happened to him - to John, not himself, that is - and how he's Ascended now and..."

"Go on," he says more testily still, crossing his arms tightly over his chest.

"It's just, are you sure it's the smartest thing to do - not getting involved with an alien, I'll leave that up to your expertise," Jeannie adds quickly, remembering their argument of two weeks ago, the aftermath of which very nearly had lasted all of her first week. "I mean with someone who can't die, or age, or isn't really even flesh and blood."

"We've worked through it."

"For now. But what happens when you start to get old."

Mer rolls his eyes. "Please. John's got this whole enlightened, omnisexual, sapiosexual thing going on. If anyone's the shallow one in this relationship, it's me. By like a parsec."

"Okay, okay," she backtracks, holding up her hands unthreateningly. "I'm not saying John'll leave you. God, the guy is head over heels for you - anyone can see it. It's just... how will 'you' feel when you start to grow older and he stays the same age forever?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Daringly, Jeannie takes a few more steps into the room. Then, more daringly still, she perchs on the edge of John and Mer's (frankly embarrassingly) huge bed.

"I don't want to tell you what do do here. Hell, I've been here fifteen days and I'm still completely out of my depth. All I know is, as good as you two are now, I just can't see how it can possibly work out in the long term between you. It's not just that he's Ascended and you're not, it's everything else too - this conference," the one that had started not long after she'd arrived, for which delegates from half-a-dozen different planets have shown up to discuss the charter for the galactic confederation they are setting out to build, and which has taken up most of John's time - and a good part of Mer's - ever since, "and the fact that they're trying to make him the god-damn emperor of this entire galaxy.

"No, actually, forget that, you could probably work through that as well. It's the fact that this galaxy considers him to be their one and true 'God'. A 'god', Meredith. How is that supposed to work? A god and a mortal? 'Cause that never words out in the myths-"

"My life is not a myth."

"You live in The Lost City of Atlantis. You're dating the last member of the race that created humanity. You gate to other planets on an almost daily basis."

Mer uncrosses his arms. "Alright. maybe it has some fantastical aspects, I'll give you that, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to start taking life advice from Greek legends. Especially when three fourths of them are based off of goa'uld politics."

"Meredith," she sighs, "I'm not saying that it can't work out. Maybe it can. Any fool off the street can see he's in love with you."

"We're gay, Jeannie, but we're not 'that' gay."

"He looks at you like you hung the moon and stars," she tells him dryly, "and, if you asked him, he'd probably tell you that you make the sun shine too."

"Not. That. Gay," Mer repeats, more amused than genuinely bothered.

"Whatever. I'll I'm saying is he loves you, but I don't know if that's enough."

Sighing, "What are you saying, Jeannie? That I should brake up with him 'cause it 'might' not work out?"

"No, I'm-"

"We've worked through our problems. John didn't want to move in together at first, but we worked through it. He Ascended and lost his corporeality, but we worked through it. God or not, Emperor or not, we can work through it. We've beaten worse odds, we can beat these as well."

"Alright," she says, standing. "Alright. I just wanted to put that out there."

"Well, now you have," Mer huffs, flopping back onto the bed.

Jeannie bites her lip. "Okay," she says quietly, heading for the door. "I'm going to bed then. I'll be up for a little while longer, though, if you want to talk."

"I won't."

"Okay then." The door snaps shut behind her irritatedly. "I'm just trying to look out for him," she whispers to the ceiling. "I'm just trying to look out for the both of them."

The air filters clatter softly above her. Maybe the city, unarguably sentient, understands. Despite everything, she loves her brother. She loves John too. She just wants what's best for them both, but she has no idea how a relationship could ever work out between a god and a mortal. Not even if they're John and Mer.

Jeannie had some good points. But John and Rodney are so in love, I have no doubt they'll face these challenges and overcome them!
Jeannie has very excellent points. As did Cam a few installments back....but maybe love can conquer all
Oh, I'll deal with "The Return" - I have like 4 more stories written that I need to post that are already written (on paper!) that I need to type up.

But, yeah, I was kinda upset that I Ascended John too - and that the natives are all worshipful of him. But it was necessary for his character development and I can promise you the end of S3 is going to just be AMAZING when I finally get there.
Poor misguided busy body Jeannie. Her motives are pure and she has a point but talking to people in love is an exercise in futility. Pleasantly surprised to see you back but sorry for the reasons (yes I snooped your journal-sorry). Good 3 chapters. Thanks for writing.
No worries about the snooping - I wouldn't post it if I didn't want people to read it.

As for Jeannie, well, she has good motives. And reasonable worries. But, well, this is McShep. It is the ship that cannot sink.
Bless Jeannie, she does care for them both, but I really hope she is wrong, If any two people need each other and need to be together it's John and Rodney. Lovely chapter.
I do understand where Jeannie is coming from, but it seems to me that John is the one who is facing certain heartbreak when he has to watch Rodney grow old and die. However if he walked away now he'd become a little bit less human.

The whole ascended!John storyline is heartbreaking, but now that Rodney and John can make love again, they have a bit of hope for the future. They're going to want to hang on to that for as long as they can.
Oh, John's definitely facing certain heartbreak, but Jeannie has her points too. There is no happy ending here.

The whole Ascended!John thing is awful, isn't it? I wasn't originally going to go with it (I'd much different plans for S3), but I'm really liking where it's going and I really think that it does wonders for their character development. They're both growing a lot more as people and going through a lot more than I'd have been able to do with their characters if John hadn't Ascended.