A SPN/RL rant

So, as many of you may know, I told myself while in SEPS that, when I got out, I'd go and get the anti-procession tattoo from Supernatural.

And, after going out, getting my hair cut, buying many clothes (including a jacket that looks remarkably like Dean's from the later seasons that I found on sale and had to get), I went and got myself the tattoo:

I ended up getting it on my left hip instead of my leg, because I really thought that dad seeing it would be a bad idea. Granted, I'll have to make sure to wear high waisted pants or long shirts for a while, but still. I went out and did it. Because I wanted to.

But when I was driving home, mom started calling me. I had told her I'd be back by 4 and it was only - barely - 3, but she was getting worried and called to check up on me. Like I'm not an adult who'd BE IN THE NAVY if they'd have let me stay. Anyway, I get home and call her to pick me up from the bottom of the hill, where I have to park, to pick me up, as I have too many bags to carry. And on the drive up the driveway she tells me she got worried when I was out so late (again, barely 3 pm) and was worried I was getting another tattoo.


So, yeah, I skillfully didn't answer that question. Though she did tell me later that she thought it would be a good idea if I didn't get any more, 'cause Dad hates them. Again, skillfully didn't answer, but still, it makes me wonder if she knows. Granted, I told her I planned to get more in a letter I'd written, and that they'd have to suck it up because I'm an adult and as long as it's not disruptive, they shouldn't control what I do (though she's already sorted through all the boxes I left behind and MOVED stuff and went through all my purchases today because she WANTED TO SEE and couldn't wait and yeah).

So yeah. That happened. IDK how it will turn out. I knew it was probably a bad idea setting out, but I wanted it and had time and opportunity and funds and had promised myself and it's not like anyone but me is ever going to see it (ever, considering my dating history). It's bound to go badly. Dad flipped out when he saw my first and still doesn't know about my third (which I got way back in August of 2010), nor will I tell him about this one. But still. My body. My life. I got it professionally done, and plan to move out as soon as I've secured a job and/or school loan. He should get over it.

Yes, I know I'm probably in the wrong here, but I'm tired of being treated like a child. I'm 25. If he wants me to be an adult he should let me act like one. Make my own choices (and mistakes) and all that.

Le sigh.
You are absolutely not in the wrong here. It's very difficult to be truly 'adult' in your parents' eyes, particularly if you still live with them (I should know), so you end up with these behaviours left over from when you were a teenager, and they had (some) justification for snooping and telling you no tattoos. But you are correct--it's your life, your body, and your money. No reason your dad ever needs to know about the other tattoos, or mom either.

I would never get one, but I'm so glad you did this for yourself! You needed to do something like this, and it does look pretty cool.
Yeah. This one hurt more than the last - it hurts more on the bone than on fatty tissues - but it was still just like nails scratching skin hurt rather than anything serious. And it does look cool, doesn't it?

But I was a very respectful teenager. I was at boarding school and was a prefect and never did anything wrong. I didn't even start "rebelling" until I was 22 and preparing to move out of the house (not that that worked) the first time anyway.

I know dad will be angry, but I've stopped carring about what he thinks.
I agree completely - your body, your choice. He'll just have to deal with it if he finds out. And you plan to move out anyway, so.

The tattoo looks good!
Thanks bb. Like I said, I'm done with trying to make him happy. I'm being responsible (I just finished applying to a college) but I'm not going to be one of his tin soliders.
It's a good choice of design. It's a shame that you won't get many chances to show it off. If you're 25, it should be up to you if you want a piercing or tattoo, but I understand why you want to avoid any more conflict right now.
I dislike conflict of all kinds. Which may be why my appeal at SEPS went so poorly....

But anyway, I like it, and that's all that matters. And who knows, maybe my dating life will improve.... (laughs hysterically)
Hon, you're only 25. There's still plenty of time for dating. Maybe you'll meet someone when you start your course.
ah, I'm not really concerned about that. I'm just saying its even funny to think of me dating, just because I've not in so long. really, it's not a priority for me. if it happens, it happens. if not, I'm not going to be upset about it.
You got it, wohoo! \o/ Looks great! ^_^

And the whole thing with your mom, there's something about it that's so familiar -_- After my mom died, my grandmother moved in to take care of us kids, and wonderful though she was, she worried about a lot of things. Like she wouldn't let us cook, in case we hurt ourselves, and she actually confiscated books that she felt had "inappropriate content" :D It's not so easy for everyone to accept that little children grow up...

But you're an adult, and it certainly is your decision to get a tattoo, whether others approve or not. I mean, it's not as if you hadn't thought it over instead of getting it while drunk :D

Hoping you'll get to move out soon, I think it'll be so good for you to get out and be on your own. Good luck with everything! *hugs*
Thanks! It does look good doesn't it (my only complaint is that it kinda hurts where the waistband of my underwear/pants hit it, but it's more than tolerable, like a middling sunburn)?

Yeah. Mom worries too much and Dad can be controlling. But I've been really responsible (my college app is already submited, transcripts are requested, and FAFSA filled out) and barely been home 36 hours. So they can't say it's not like I'm not doing everything I should be doing.

Anyway, I'm done being responsible for the morning. Now to watch the last SPN and chill for an hour or two before starting on the job apps.
Good for you! Have fun! ^_^ I still have my responsible things waiting to be done -_- But maybe some SPN later for me too :) *off to study*
!!! I'm loving this season (minus the stupid Henry Winchester episode, but whatever) and the wait has been more than worth it.

Good luck with your responsible things. May they go well.
Even though you live with them, your parents cannot dictate your life; your only obligations are to support or move toward supporting yourself in some way and contributing to the house. But of course, try telling them that, right? :/

My mom used to always try to insinuate herself into my business, even when I told her it was none of hers. It sucks. Although if hiding your tattoos makes you feel more secure in your situation right now, then I don't think it's "wrong" to do so; you just have to take care of you. You are absolutely not in the wrong for either getting tattoos or hiding them or telling your parents to mind their business. Honestly, I really wish we lived closer so I could offer you a place to crash as a backup. (Of course, it's open to you anyway--I just doubt you'd want to make that trek!)

Good luck, hon. *all the hugs for you*

Edited to add: the tattoo looks awwwwesome!!!

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:D Thanks bb! Truth be told, I'd rather not have to hide them, but I'd have gotten them in places the average person wouldn't see anyway. And if I just have to make sure my shirts are long for a while to avoid a fight, well, that's something at least. But I love how I can spent 6 hours filling out applications on line and Dad can still make me feel like I'm not doing enough and will always be a lazy bum.

I only wish my parents could see it that way. It's not like I asked for this. I'm trying to get my life back together. I have a plan. That really should be enough, shouldn't it?

It ::would:: be a long trek, but I'll keep that in mind if things ever get truly unbearable here.