I am home at last.

I'm currently camping out in the office, as my brother is home from school for easter and thus in the guest room, but at least I am home. I'll give all the details (on basic, separation, and my travels here) tomorrow, when I'm actually awake, but I'm back. Safe and sound. After over 28 hours of bus rides from Chicago to Raleigh.

Anyone wishing to celebrate with me may do so here, on my facebook (feel free to add me, just tell me your username so I know who the frak you are), or on my tumblr (as soon as I catch up on SPN, which will probably be late tomorrow-ish).

Now to check email and sleep.

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Yay, I'm so glad you made it safely home. Thank you for the lovely v-gift! ::hugs you::
Glad to hear you're back safe and sound. Get some rest and then on with the rest of your life!

And thank you for v-gift! Bear hugs are gratefully received!!
On Dads and leaving Navy
I hope you will be on your own as soon as possible. I had a much more supportive father (and I regarded him as being only average in that regard). But while I had fantasies (and fan fiction before the term was invited) about being in the Navy on a nuclear sub; I was older than the first class of women thar went to the academies (I don't know if Mom or Dad would have been more upset if I did not go to college). And yes that makes me more than twice your age.

I can't remember if I came across you journal about trying for the Navy before or after reading your Ancient John stories, but once I connected the two into one person I had more reason to cheer you on mentally. I'm mainly a reader of journals and fiction . . . so this my first comment to you is a thank you for your writing and a hope that you will find another career path.

But I know that being HOME is nice even after a career failure. There were some finacial thingas about my job I never told my Dad becaus I was in my forties and He like my boss.

Good luck.
Re: On Dads and leaving Navy
Now I see some spelling mistakes. invented for fan fiction
women that went
and Dad liked my boss - both have been dead for 5 years now.
Re: On Dads and leaving Navy
Thank you so much. I'm so glad you've enjoyed my journey - and my stories - so much. But I'm always happy to hear about people who like what I post online. Cause sometimes it's like I'm flapping my jaws to the wind.
Hugs, I'm so glad you made it safely home, you must be so relieved after all you've been through despite the disappointment you must feel. I really hope you've enjoyed your weekend and that your family have been a bit more supportive, and thank you for the bear hugs v-gift :)
Well, my weekend has been insane (a lot of applications, for jobs and school, and shopping), but so far there have been no yelling matches, so.... it's been okay.

And you're very welcome bb.