On Going Home

So I'm going home by bus.

I leave for the first one at 4:50 pm tomorrow and ten connections later, I arrive NEAR home at 8pm on Friday. And then have a 4 hour drive back to the mountain house. Le sigh. ANd dad and I got into another shouting match on the phone today (apparentlly I'm an ungrateful, spoiled brat who doesn't follow the rules and talks back and is a failure in all things today). So I'm not looking forward to being home as much as I am looking forward to leaving here.

wish me luck. please
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Sweetie, I am so sorry you're having such a hard time with your dad. If it helps, you sound nothing like a spoiled, ungrateful brat to me. Sometimes parents really do just say the things they know will hurt the most, don't they?

Good luck with all that travel.
dad can be incredibly cruel with his words at times, true. thanks for your support though. I'll let you know how it goes
:( I'm sorry your dad is being an ass about all of this. But yay, getting out of there!
So you're old enough to join the navy but not old enough to be respected as an adult? Your father has his own issues at play here and should not be involving you in them. Stay strong and best wishes for your future plans.
Hugs. So glad you're finally getting out of there. I hope your Dad calms down a bit, the last thing you need after all you've been through, plus that long journey home, is for him to start in once you do get home. I hope you have a happy and peaceful Easter.
I may be too late now, but I wish you luck getting home. I do hope you are able to sort things out with your dad.