SEPS (Day 20)

So I won't be leaving wendsay.

My name didn't appear on the departure list, even though that would've been 8 days after I went to legal - longer than the average waittime. I went down to admin and found out the CO hasn't even signed my papers yet, for no known reason, and so now I'm kinda freaking out that something's gone wrong. I should never have listened to my dad about fighting this. If I hadn't and just done what I wanted, I'd be home by now and not going crazy (litterally) here.

Also, had to wait 1 hour for the XO to show up and talk to us for 5 min about the rules because the male SEPS are fraking a**holes and keep doing stupid things to get themselves further in trouble. So that was delightful.

I'm really worried I'm tettering on the edge of a mental breakdown. I'm able to concentrate a little bit better the last couple of days, but writing is still hard (I'm thinking story 5 might turn out to be 2 seperate, parallel stories) and I just want to get on tumblr and catch up on SPN and type what I already have up and GET ON WITH MY LIFE.

::exhales loudly::

sorry. I really am going crazy and you guys are all that I have to keep me sane. please cross your fingers that I get out of here by friday.
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Are they trying to drive people crazy there? Truly? Here's really hoping things turn around ASAP!
It's like they're doing everything they can to cause insanity. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get out of there by Friday. At least the super long drive will be a change of pace, and at least it'll mean you're actually moving, and not staying on one place.

*HUG* Just a little while longer, bb.