SEPS (Day 16)


No big changes from yesterday. Finished a couple of books. Am almost through with pt 3 (the last part) of the 4th story I've started since getting here (this one partially covers pt 1 of "The Return" and I cannot wait to write these up on a computer proper and post them). story 5 promises to be angsty, I hope.

I've been bored and nothing major has been accomplished getting me home wise, save that I know it will not be before next monday. Le sigh. I'm trying to look at the positive side - the paycheck - but its hard when I'm so bored. And downhearted.

The living situation has pretty much been confirmed - I'll get to live at home until I can buy/build something on my parents property for while I go to school. tenative timeframe for this, 2-4 months. Le sigh. Going to Appalachian for Computer Science b.s. to go with Digital Media associates is currently the plan.

Also, I've offically decided on the tattoo I'm getting when I get out of here. I WAS going to get a fouled anchor, but thats obviously not happening now. So now I'm going to get the anti-possession tattoo from SPN. Because I'm like that. I've just not decided if I want it on my upper thigh, where dad will never see it, on my ankle, or on the inside of my wrist. Thoughts are appreciated. Until (hopefully) tomorrow... XOXO 
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I would get it somewhere he won't see it, at least immediately, to avoid another round of yelling, but then, I'm an avoider. :)

I'm glad you're doing okay (not great, but at least not terrible, right?).
bored out of mind, but okay. i figure as soon as I get the housing situation taken care of, I'll be able to pull the "it's my life/body" card... but idk yet
Yeah, I'd wait that long. Oh, you have a new journal style, if I'm not mistaken; nice! (Although, I have mine set to automatically switch all of them to my style, b/c I got tired of not being able to read the ones with dark bkgnd and light text or whatever.)

My dad had to go back in the hospital last night, so that was stressful, but he's doing better today. OTOH, some asshole in a Beamer nearly ran me off the road on the way home from visiting, so still stressful. :/
this style has been on for a while, actually, but I'm sorry to hear about your dad. hopefully he gets better soon. life sucks, but it's all we got.
Yeah, I don't normally see other styles because it automatically reloads, but sometimes it's a bit slow. Thanks, he's doing much better today, Mom says.
I would most likely put it on the ankle. However, to avoid any fires while you are at home I'd suggest a different placement or simply wait a bit.
probably, but I am an adult and have been for a while. But idk. It's all crazy and I wish dad would just let me live my own life instead of judging me. I can't help that the navy didn't work out. Or that I got migraines. ITS NOT MY FAULT. IDK why he doesn't get that
Sad truth is, you really can not change other people. Also, parents project onto their children what would they do in that situation or, slightly better, what they think their child should do. It's a constant problem and it's unavoidable.
Don't waste your energy in vain.
i'll try not to. like i told rhia_starsong, i'm going to hold off until I at least have paths in motion, so it doesn't look completely irresponsible. but yeah, I've given up on trying to reason with dad. its my life, he has to deal with that
Glad to hear the writing is going well. I hope it all works out with the course.

You are going to have to live with the tattoo for a long time, so think about what looks good and what you can live with long term. Also think about whether the placement could be an issue if you get a job that has a strict dress code. I suspect your dad isn't going to be happy, but at the end of the day it's your body.
dad is never happy with anything I do. I might as well be happy anyway.

as for the job thing... well, if this computer programing thing works out (cross fingers), then that should never be a real issue. though I rarely rare shorts, so as long as it's above a pant line, I should be fine. that's the thought anyway.
The thigh and ankle are safe options for most office dress codes. My team leader has one on his ankle. The wrist is the risky one, although it depends a lot on the company you end up working for - dress codes can vary from place to place, and tattoos are much more common now.
yeah, i'm thinking left ankle at the moment - not big, just like 2, 3 inches wide, but still. i get what you mean
I'm sorry you're feeling downhearted. Yay for getting lots written? At least you know what the living situation will be like, too - that must be *some* weight off your shoulders.

I agree with rhia_starsong, in that I would get it somewhere he won't see it, to put off more yelling. The last thing I want when I'm feeling down is more crap thrown my way. But you should also get your tattoo somewhere you'd actually *like* it. (I am no help. My parents have many tattoos, so I've never had to worry about it...)
I'm pretty much thinking about the left ankle at the moment, just above where the shortest jeans I've ever owned would fall, so that it hopefully won't be an issue. dad won't be happy if/when he finds out, but I am and adult and it's my body, and it's not like I'm not planning on moving out. He'll just have to deal with it.

Oo, I love that tattoo! I haven't had the guts to take it myself, or any tattoo for that matter :) But I do have plans for one... (no, not Stargate related either, though I'd love something like that too) If it were me, I think I'd choose the ankle. (Or for the one I have in mind, upper arm/shoulder area)

Hope your boredom ends soon, *hugs*
I plan to get the stargate "point of orgin" symbol at some point too, but this one first. I'm probably going for the left ankle when it happens.

as for the bordom, toda has been terrible about it, but there's nothing I can do. le sigh.