SEPS (Day 15)

I have a better keyboard and internet connection today.

First of all, thanks for all the bday wishes. We couldn't get online that day, but thanks to everyone who wished me well (and melodysparksfor the vgift, which I've been unable to load on these computers but I'm sure is lovely).

My bday was, however, in grand me tradition, horrible, mostly because I managed to track down an inhouse psych asking to be reevaluated (because one of the issues they're seperating me for is "depressive disorder"), but I was basically told he couldn't because that wasn't in his job description.

Then i went to Legal 2 yesterday to speak to a lawyer, who basically told me to fill in the blanks on a form letter to the CO and hope for the best - ie, that he'd somehow decide to grant me a wavier, which almost never happens. So it's hopless. I've decided that, if no one will help me in here, I'll go fight it on the outside, where there is presumably help and helpful people.

but the internet sucks here and keeps kicking me off, so I'm getting off. I'll expound more about everything that's happene3d when I get home, which should be someotime next week. ::crosses fingers::
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Youre welcome. Take a look at your tweets when you have a min l hope you have a few wishes on there
Wah, I totally missed your bday! *ashamed* Belated happy birthday wishes and hugs!

I would have loved to write you a short SPN drabble, but my muse is not with me -_- (Also, I'm waiting to see how the whole Castiel thing will unravel...)

(And if you don't mind, added you as a friend on facebook, since the link was in your profile. The name is Anne Salminen, with a pic of a little bug thingy on a green leaf :D)
(No problem; and as far as SPN goes, I've seen nothing since "Everybody Hates Hitler" and hate spoliers, so I know NOTHING and am looking forward to coming home and catching up.)

And no probs. I missed it too. Thanks anyway bb!
I'm sorry your birthday was horrible that nobody is actually being helpful :( At least you're not giving up?