SEPS (Day 11)

Nothing much going on today.

The weekends are BORING here and I ran out of stuff to read. My amazon shipment shouldn't arrive until Mon, which is good b-day timing I guess. But my bdays have a tendency to be AWFUL and I should have an apt with the second consult psychologist, so... I'm mildly concerned.

Anyway, since I'm fighting my case, I got a staff position in the compartment: I'm Seabag PO, which basically means I meet, greet, and get all the newbies settled. Read them the rules. Sort through their stuff, take what they can't have and put it in storage, that kind of thing. It's not that bad, except for when we have a whole bunch at once. There were 7 newbies total yesterday, 3 of which arrived right before Taps, so that was stressful, trying to get it all done. But it keeps me busy, so I like it.

I also finished the sequel to "Rex" yesterday - so far I have the last part of "Angelus" written out; "Rex," it's sequel, and IT'S sequel, which will probably be called whatever the latin version of "alternate" is - which puts us through "McKay and Mrs Miller" and all the way up to "The Return" in the AJ verse. As soon as I get home, I promise I'll start typing them up here, I swear. But I've about 2 pages of this one - "Exsul" - written already this morning. (I also shined my boots, but that's something else.)

My cold is finally starting to go away, thanks to my cold meds, though let me warn you here, boot camp food makes you SICK if you eat the wrong stuff. Avoid the burgers and fish. Stick with things that can be easily idenified.

And, God, I cannot tell you how much I miss SPN right now. I realized that last week's episode must have been Cas' return and am just so UPSET that I didn't get to see it (and am avoiding tumblr for that reason). With luck, I'll still be out of here by the 12th in time to catch the finale. With luck.

Anyway, my 30 online are almost up, so hugs and kisses to all, thanks for your encouragement, and I'll tell you how it goes as soon as I know something/that I have internet access.
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I'm so glad you're still working on AJ!verse! Sending good thoughts for your appt with the docs, and happy early birthday, in case you don't get to be online then. ::hugs::
YAY for your cold easing, and for you having something to do now re: Seabag PO. It's nice when you actually have something to do, you know?

Wow, you have made AMAZING progress with your fic, it sounds like. I can't wait for it to be typed up and posted :) I'm very eager to read how everything plays out.

I'm sorry you miss SPN so much :( But it'll be here when you get back, and then you can marathon and catch up!

Good luck with the Monday appointment, as well as the wait for your amazon purchases! (Waiting sucks.)
I really do miss it terribly. It's awful how much SPN was the hightlight of my life before this and remains it now (Mom actually wrote me to tell me that it had been renewed for S9 in her first letter to me AND told it to me like 3 min into our first phonecall). Just tell me, is it still Sgr8?

Le sigh. I miss you bb. the seabag po thing keeps me busy, and I'm writing a lot, but it's not the same. XOXO