SEPS (Day 10)

I went to legal yesterday.

They were utterly unhelpful, just asked me to inital a box if I was going to fight it or not, but I put in a request to see a real lawyer, so that'll happen on tues and hopefully I'll get some REAL legal advice. As of this moment, I'm RE4, which means I can't reenlist ever. I'm fighting to get that changed to an RE3, which means I could reenlist at some point. Basically, from what I can tell, they're booting me out on the "depression" first and then the migraines, but the "depression" was only a symptom of the migraine meds - as per the black box labels. So I'm trying to get into see a psychologist who can "diagnose" me as not depressed, which would get me out on migraines only, which I might be able to get a wavier for on the outside in a year or so. Maybe. that's what I'm hoping anyway. I won't know any more until tues.

Mom has started to sway dad to her side. Since it looks like I can't stay in the Navy at the moment, so long as I go to school and have a part time job, I can stay with them. There is talk of building me a tumbleweed home on the edge of the property if I end up staying with them for a while - I'd have to get a loan of course, but it's better thab the garage, which is my future home at the moment.

Anyway, the internet is being real shaky so at the moment, so I'm gonna get off before it it kicks me off again, but just let me add that it is the Ides of March and PAYDAY today. So it is a good day. Every day I am here is another paid

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Good luck with the lawyer on Tuesday. Hopefully you'll get some proper legal advice on what your rights are, and whether you can reenlist. Also, maybe now your dad will stop giving you grief.
You're handling this very smart - getting an actual lawyer, trying to get diagnosed as depression free, etc. I'm super glad your dad is coming around since you don't need that kind of crap, especially when it's not your fault.

I hope you get your RE3, bb.

Good luck!
Thanks bb! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. I've been feeling a lot better since I made this decision and, though I'm bored out of my mind, it's the best choice.

I miss being able to talk to you all the time, though - or just to have time to give you nice decent lj replies you deserve.
You're welcome, bb! I'm so glad you feel better now that the decision has been made - that makes me happy :D

I miss talking to you on skype :( And the LJ conversations, as well, of course. Still, these quick relies and such are better than nothing!