SEPS (Day 6)

Gotta make this quick:

But bascially I think mom's come around. Dad is still being a blockhead, but mom and I have come up with a plan whereby I can go to ASU and get a 4yr Computer Science Degree (to go with my 2year Digital Media Degree) and live at home. I'll have to get a job (of course) and take out a loan at least and get some grants to pull it off, but I think It can be done.

Also, FYI, I'm staying off of tumblr and not checking anything more than my own lj page simply because 1) the internet here is slow, 2) I have no privacy, 3) don't want SPN spoilers. I'll try to reply to any messages you guys leave me, but I only get a 1/2 hour of really slow internet a day and it takes me 10 min just to check my emails from mom, so... I'm not trying to ignore you guys or be rude. I love you all and am thankful for your help and words of kindness.

Got to run now. Hopefully be able to talk to you guys soon (I've not even been to legal yet, and there's no word on when that might happen, and it takes a week after that at least for me to get home), so... cross your fingers.
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Keeping my fingers crossed! I'm so glad your mom's come around, that she's helping you figure things out rather than making things more difficult for you. That's great :D
i know. i talked to dad the last two days on the phone and it's ended in nothing but tears, but mom's finally starting to come around i think,
That sounds like a great plan and I hope you get the course you want. Good luck with everything. I'm sure your parents will come round.
*fingers crossed* Good to hear things are improving at least a bit, and that you already have a plan for the future. Good luck with everything!