SEPS (Day 4)

I talked to my parents last night.

It was awful and there were tears and shouting and dad keeps calling me a failure and had called behind my back all sorts of legal people and doctors trying to find a way for me to stay. Nice thought, save I told him to stop days ago. I'm revoking his wavier as soon as I can get to legal, so he'll stop doing that.
IDK what exactly i'm going to do yet - definately get a job, maybe go back to school, possibly see if my annoying grandmother of this summer's vacation will let me crash with her in St Louis. IDK. All I know is, I want my parent's support and help and all I'm getting from them is pain and acqusations and tears. Dad even wants me to tell the docs here that my birth control meds made me hormonal and mentally unstable and made me say that stuff. the sexist pig. r
well, i tried it his way, and that's gotten me into this mess, again. so i'm ignoring him and not calling home until they at least stop trying to pressure me to fight this.
suggestions and words of wisdom are always welcome, bbs. And know that I'm still writing and finished to "Angelus," "Rex," on paper, and have started the next sequel, and can't wait until I'm home and in a position to type them up.

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..... Sounds like you should be going far away from such environment. Of course, it's always relatively easy to suggest from the sidelines.
Focus on being calm and do not lose temper. One gets emotional and suddenly one's argumants are invalid and mere childish fits instead of heartfelt beliefs and intentions.
I am so sorry :( I know I keep saying that, but I'm helpless. I can't do anything to help, there are no words to make things better...

I do think staying somewhere else will be a good idea. You shouldn't be in that kind of environment.
yeah... but the problem is I get along even less well with my grandparents, and they're the only others who might take me in. :(