SEPS (Day 3)

SEPS is what they call the seperation barracks here.

Its not actually that bad. We have internet and watch movies (yesterday was SAW 2 and El Dorado, not that I watched the first) and read all day. I've spent the time writing (and have Angelus finshed and the sequel halfway done; I just need to transcribe them, but don't have the time to do that now here, so you still have to wait).
But here's basically what happened:
I had to go in to a special physical for my nuke job. I was just about halfway through Boot Camp (which was going well, with some issues, and isn't as bad as the movies make it sound), and wasn't expecting anything bad. But then I go back there and find that they found all my old medical records - the Tricare ones that were already in system from when I was on my dad's health insurance. And they showed I'd taken migraine meds and anti-depressants for just over 2 years in my early 20s. Which immediately had me sent to the mental health team across the hall. Who dug further into the reccords, decided my enlistment was fraudulant (despite the fact that I tried to explain how I've not had one in over 5 years, and how the docs had decided that they were just PMS headaches anyway) and sent me here, to SEPS.
The seperation process is tedious and takes weeks (I've not even been to legal yet). Some people have been here since December. But those are mostly the people who want to fight it. I know I have a chance - dad has been on the phone with congressmen apparently, and my inbox has been flooded with emails from him and mom trying to guilt me into fighting it (and dad calling me a quiter). But I don't see it as being successful. If I have to leave, I want it to be as quick as possible. I don't want to have to stay here longer than I have to. 'Cause it's depressive in the psych ward way here (and more or less like a boot camp version of one), and there's almost 0 chance a medical/mental illness seperation can be fought. Dad doesn't understand, and is bugging me to death about it, but that's my decision. He'll have to live with it. It's my life.
Now I just have to decide if I want to try to go back to school or not. Either way, I'll have to get a job ASAP and hopefully find an apartment quickly. I know the parents won't let me stay with them forever. But the college students should be leaving about the time I get out, so there's a chance I'll get lucky.
Le sigh. I've got to go. my 30 min are up and this comp is as slow as hell. Wish me luck when I call mom tonight.
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I get why you just want to walk away at this point. Good luck with whatever you do.

And I need to catch up with my Ancient!John reading. We had this thing where my internet was dead and then it was just intermittent, so I downloaded a bunch of stuff to read offline. Then my PC died. But I think I just need to read Angelus and the drabbles. The last one was so sad though with Ascended!John.
IKR? you've plenty of time to catch up. I'm writing, but on papper and don't have time to repost it here yet. (hug)
Totally understandable why you wouldn't want to fight this. With such a low chance of success...

You'll figure something out. You're extremely intelligent, you will definitely land on your feet! Good luck with the job hunting and apartment - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you to get everything settled quickly!
It's your life, but I'm confused with "I know the parents won't let me stay with them forever."
Why ever not?

Edit: What I meant was, out of 10 persons I grew up with 7 stayed in their family houses.

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Then good luck with apartment hunting.
School is almost always good though. Both of my parents had to cut their schooling early and that had continuous consequences for their pay grade and placement opportunities.