untitled drabble #62

Title: untitled drable #62
Rating: PG
Warnings: takes place in the Ancient!John 'verse after "Manes"
Summary: Daniel has a gift for Iohannes
Notes: This is the pic had in mind for the statue. Because, of course, I end up writing things like this instead of working on "Angelus" or getting back on the treadmill.

An Ancient!John Drabble

"I understand solidarity in retribution, too; but there can be no such solidarity with children. And if it is really true that they must share responsibility for all their fathers' crimes, such a truth is not of this world and is beyond my comprehension."

The Brothers Karamazov

So the thing is, Iohannes really dislikes anthropologists. It's not without reason. He's known a lot over the years - Before, most of his maternal grandfather's family had been historicii - and all of them seem to have this incredibly stupid idea that everything about a society can be determined by a few artefacts and boiled down into some easily digestible monograph. He actively dislikes anyone who thinks they can understand anything without knowing all the facts about it. (His second-most hated profession is psychology, because they at least limit their claims of full understanding to one person at a time.)

But, anyway, Iohannes dislikes anthropologists, for justifiable reasons.

He really dislikes Terran anthropologists, mainly because they all seem to want to study him.

He really, really dislikes Daniel Jackson for a whole host of reasons unrelated to his profession, but the fact that he is an anthropologist completely undoes any goodwill the Terran may have garnered with him for figuring out the address at allowed the Expedition to find him. It's just a fact of life. Unfortunate for Jackson, perhaps, but a fact of life nonetheless. And, after the whole business with Ganos Lal, mutual.

So Iohannes is surprised when Jackson shows up at his door early in the morning the day after their confrontation.

"Hey Colonel, I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"Any break from mediating is fine by me. Unless," he adds, crossing his arms in the doorway, "you're here to talk about what Ganos told you some more, 'cause I'm really not in the mood for that."

Jackson rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. "Yeah. Sorry about that. Jack keeps telling me I get over-invested in-"

"I'm going to stop you right there before you say something that makes me have to shut the door on your foot."

This gets Iohannes a sheepish grin. "Probably a good idea. Anyway, I know it doesn't make up for anything," he gestures at the two Marines lingering nearby to set the packing crate they're carrying down by Iohannes' door. "but I was thinking about it before we left and didn't know if you had anything of your father's from after he left Atlantis. I know it's not exactly his and probably isn't anywhere close to accurate, but..." Jackson opens the crate, revealing a small, two-headed sculpture. "It's a replica of a statue of Janus at a museum in New York – or, at least, the god my ancestors worshipped him as. He was supposed to be a god of transitions, which is why he has two heads – one looking into the future and one into the past. The month of January is named after him. I know it's not much, but..."

Iohannes runs a finger along the join where the two heads meet and closes the lid. Neither of the faces look a thing like Father, but... "Thank you," he says gruffly.

Jackson's smart enough to leave not long after that.

The statue stays in it's crate for several weeks, largely forgotten. Iohannes only remembers it again when he's unpacking their belongings in the suite on the edge of the South-East Pier he and Rodney now share.

He puts it on the dining room table, meaning to find someone to pawn it off on later, but the statue ends up taking permanent residence there, one head standing sentry over the entryway to their new quarters, the other looking out over the ocean.

Rodney never mentions it. It's kind of small and they never eat there anyway, so it's not really in the way. They just pile their scientific journals and gun magazines and DVD cases on the table around it and never mention it, and it's one of the things Iohannes loves him for.

Awww, Daniel. That's so nice of you, especially considering their mutual dislike :P Daniel is a nice guy, even if he's annoying to John :P

I really like how you write these little scenes, just little slice of life moments that are poignant and wonderful. The ending, where it sits on the table and just stays there, soon surrounded by scientific journals and gun magazines and the like, is just beautiful ♥
it is, isn't it? my problem with my little scenes is that I have to make them fit into a bigger picture. thus... the proponderance of drabbles.

and IDK Daniel really dislikes John (John just thinks he does), at least not until the whole deal with Ganos Lal. And even then it's more annoyance than anger. Daneil doesn't want to alien his best source for all things Ancient, after all.
I like your drabbles, so you won't hear me complaining :P

*nod* That sounds more like Daniel.