So I've officially collected like 100+ pictures of "rooms that should exist somewhere in Atlantis" for my head!canon. Any idea on what I should do with them all?

Oh, and this time next week I'll be on my way to Basic training at Great Lakes. How weird is that?
What do you want to do with them all? HHMMM Maybe a map and index for all to see?

The Great Lakes? OH my lovely place if it is.

Best wishes for the Basic. Keep in touch though. you got my twitter and email addy.

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I won't have email/etc while at basic, but afterwards...

Maybe. IDK. So many pictures, not enough time.
As in Superior Michigan Huron Erie and Ontario? Ive seen 2 of them Ontario and Huron.
Set up a tumblr sideblog. That way you can store them in one place and get them off your computer, and still have easy access to them.
That's what I was thinking, but making a THIRD blog seems a bit excessive, even for my level of obession.
lol bb I have 6 sideblogs. Granted, I don't really update at least two of them, and two of the four I update very rarely...

Also, my friend has a head!atlantis tag you may find interesting.