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She acts like summer and walks like rain...

So, today is the first day I've not done any PT at all in... longer than I can remember. Months, probably. Before the holidays at least. To celebrate, I got the most wonderful massage (read: mom bribed me with the promise of paying for one) and changed my lj theme. 

Oddly enough, it's proving to be hard to write, but I'm hoping that will change after the sun goes down. I never like anything I write before 6pm.  

Mostly though I'm continuing my love/hate relationship with this Destiel fic "Unexpected Destinies," which I must have read a dozen times by now but I still don't actually LIKE. No, that's wrong. It's interesting. It's different than a lot of things out there, and is unabashedly Dean/Cas, if a little heavy on the Sam hate, but... IDK. It's the the best quality of writing ever, but the IDEAS are wonderful, and it's long and it's ongoing, so I'll rec it to anyone willing to read almost 200 chappies, but... IDK. I've high standards for anything I read/write, which is why this last chappie of  "Daemones" is taking so fraking long. 

In other news, apparentl White Collar tarted up again last night, so I can waste some time tomorrow catching up on that. 
Cool l thought l recognised it. That song for some reason reminds me of Anne McCaffreys Crystal Singer
Hmmm. I've not come across "Unexpected Destinies", I'll have to (cautiously) check it out.
It's wyrd. Every time I read it, I prefer a different part. One time I really enjoyed all the "present" bits, where you go off to what Sam's doing, and the next it's the dean/cas relationship evolution, and others it's the fight scenes. But never really all at once. Admittedly, there are some really bad chappies I skip over on the rereads, but for the most part it's decent. I mean, it's crackish without being actual crack!fic. If that makes sense. I'd advise trying it, but wait until Dean and Sam get back together at least before making any judgements on it.
I'll keep that in mind as I give it a try - I'll like most anything. If the writing is "meh" but the plot is good, I'll stick with it.
the writing is rather "meh," but the idea is worth sticking with. hell, I'm rereading it AGAIN for lack of anything else