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Victory is mine, victory is mine. Great day in the morning, victory is mine.

So you know the whole thing I posted last week about the navy and losing 5 lbs in 1 week and this leading to much shouting from Dad? Well today was ZERO DAY and it seems that 24miles of treadmill-ing a day (yes, you read that right) and a diet of slimfast and lean cuisine has paid off, because I lost 7 lbs in 6 days, and all is on track for my ship date in... god, 21 days now.

So tomorrow I'm being rewarded with a no-PT day, AND a massage. Yay.

In other news, I think I've successfully gotten Mom hooked on SPN, and I'm 90% certain she has strong brotp (or even otp) feelings for Dean/Cas, which makes me all kinds of happy.

Also, I think my cat has learned to read, because he snuck into my bedroom (read: closet) last night, propped his head up on my leg at just the right angle to see my iPad, and STARED while I was reading fanfiction for a good two hours - and bear in mind this was while I was working my way through a SPN kink rec list.... And he left when I tabbed to something else.

God, I've got my cat reading porn now. That's just... wrong.
:D Well, I'm taking in only 800 calories a day and burning like 2500, so it was either lose weight or die, I guess. It's not the healthiest, I admit, but it had to be done.
Mine is 1500 lots of water fruit and veg andk walking at lunchtime. Ive lost 35lbs in 18 months and kept it off and still have the occasional chocolate or a slice of pizza

That's teh right way to go about it. But it was pretty much "do this or live on the street" so.... yeah. 6 hours of working out a day plus no food plus one very yelly dad = lots of weight loss. I want to loose 7lbs more before I ship, but I'm under the limit now, so I'm good.

But, seriously, loosing weight is the most difficult thing EVER. Kudos for you managing it without going crazing/tearing a muscle/developing a complex like I probably have.

I love that your mom at least recognizes the bond :D If she shipped it, you guys could meta all about it :P

LOL YOUR CAT. My first thought - after thinking how adorable that was - is that he must have good taste :P
As adorable as it is, my cat reading fanfic, there's something disturbing about a castrated 1year old male cat reading Destiel porn - this particular one was Cas-as-a-prostitute, I think. It's less cute and more disturbing. You'd think he'd ease into it gradually.

I think mom recongizes the bond, and has gone so far to say, "if he changed vessels..." but I don't think she's as open to slash as we are. (That, and she doesn't understand the wonder that is Misha Collins, and how I think there might be a revolt if Cas found a new vessel).

And thanks bb. I feel half dead, but it's well worth it.