Real Life Sucks

So basically I'm in a sucky mood right now.

It's not because of last nights SPN, though I'm a little bit of a wreck because of that. No, it's because right after I finished watching that episode, dad came out here and yelled at me for something that happened - and we addressed - yesterday. I get that it's a big deal - basically I have to lose 5 lbs by Tuesday for the navy, which is difficult but doable - but we talked about it yesterday. I was suitably annoyed and yelled at, yesterday. Did it really need to be revisited - twenty times worse - today?

It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't always yell at me hours or days after whatever makes him angry has occurred. You think the storms past then, bang, there it is again, worse than before. It's like walking on eggshells around him.

I know he wants what's best for me. I know sometimes he has a point. But, god, I can't take the constant state of fear anymore. I just can't. Especially when he acts like I don't give a frak about my future at all - or when he belittles what I choose to do in what little free time I have left, mainly, write.
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:D It's okay. it's been slightly better - slightly - since. But I'm still feeling the pressure from all sides.
Well at least hear you have people who love your writings :) (I've been waiting for a good time to tackle Ancient!John 'verse, there's so much to read!!! But it sounds really interesting ^_^)

I hope things will keep improving!
That is something, at least. And please do read! I know it's an awful lot, but when people do bother to comment on it, they see, to really like it, so...

Thanks bb!