The Ancient!John 'Verse Soundtrack [S1]

And, to continue, here is the promised, updated, soundtrack for S1 of the Ancient!John 'Verse, complete with links and whatnot.

There really haven't been any changes from the original on this one, save for the addition of three new "deluxe edition extras," to make it 15 songs long, like S2. The new themes are: The Pastor Theme, or what basically amounts to the John/Atlantis theme, ie, "Under the Bridge;" The Expedition Theme, which is "Days We Made;" and the John/Rodney love theme, "Just Stay Here Tonight," which I agonized over, trying ot find the right one. As before, the Atlantis Instrumental Theme is "The Emigration Tunes." There are also two Johnny Cash Covers: one by Nine Inch Nails, "Hurt," and one by Live, "I Walk the Line."

Click the links below to listen to individual songs via YouTube, or listen on 8Tracks here.

The Season One Soundtrack





All At Once The Airborne Toxic Event
And then we long to be loved In the rush,
We become some things we thought we'd
Never be we were surprised by our heart
Left weary and scarred by the nights spent
Feeling incomplete and all those evenings
Swearing at the the sky, wishing for more time

Lazy Eye Silversun Pickups
I've been waiting
I've been waiting for this moment all my life
But it's not quite right

It's Time Imagine Dragons
So this is where you fell
And I am left to sell
The path to heaven runs through
Miles of clouded hell

Hurt Nine Inch Nails
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

Perfect World Liz Phair
I know the girls that live inside your world
Just sitting next to a mortal makes their skin crawl
I want to be cool, tall, vulnerable and luscious
I would have it all if I'd only had this much

Assassin Muse
War is overdue
The time has come for you

Awake My Soul Mumford & Sons
And now my heart stumbles on things I don't know
My weakness I feel I must finally show in
These bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die

Where you invest your love, you invest your life

I Walk The Line Live
As sure as night is dark and day is light
I keep you on my mind both day and night
And happiness I've known proves that it's right
Because you're mine, I walk the line

Trouble On The Way Mona
Ooh we got it all
Ooh we got it all
Ooh we got it all
There's trouble on the way

Map of the Problematique Muse
Life will flash before my eyes
So scattered and lost,
I want to touch the other side

Help Is On The Way Rise Against
We were told, just to sit tight
'Cause somebody will soon arrive
Help is on the way
Well, they never came
They never came

Deluxe Edition Extras

The Emigration Tunes
(The Atlantis Theme)
Loreena McKennitt [Instrumental]

Under The Bridge
(Th Pastor Theme)
Red Hot Chili Pepers
It's hard to believe that there's nobody out there
It's hard to believe that I'm all alone
At least I have her love, the city, she loves me
Lonely as I am, together we cry


Days We Made
(The Expedition Theme)

Paper Aeroplanes
So have you come to change my mind?
Shall i be yours and you be mine,
And we could stand the test of time?
The days, the days we'll make.


Just Stay Here Tonight
(The McShep Theme)

And you know we'll be the last ones picking up the
Pieces we'll be the last ones standing up strong
We'll be the last ones making all the right things
Wrong as the days go by, the days go by