untitled drabble #58

Title: untitled drabble #58
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s) Character(s): sentient!Atlantis, Ancient!John
Spoile Warnings: S3 in th AJ 'Verse
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I don't even own the humorous (and legally useless) disclaimer you're reading now.
Summary"...its song was of the moment."
Notes: One way I might've started the next installment. Oh, and I don't particularly like the book this quote was taken from either.

An Ancient!John Drabble

"The present flowed by them like a stream. The tree rustled. It had made music before they were born, and would continue after their deaths, but its song was of the moment. The moment had passed. The tree rustled again. Their senses were sharpened, and they seemed to apprehend life. Life passed. The tree rustled again."

EM Forester, Howard's End

Atlantis is never silent.

Not anymore, anyway. Ascension has unlocked all the dark corners of Iohannes' mind, allowing him to remember with unmitigated clarity every precise detail of every single moment he'd much rather forget - including each and every second of the ten thousand two hundred three years he'd spent in the cathedra, taking the long, slow journey to this future he's found himself wakened into - not that the urbs-navis has ever been truly silent, not since she became self-aware anyway. But there is a vast difference between the city's slumbering song, so quiet and anguished and slow, and her current choice of leitmotifs.

And so Iohannes is taking the time just to listen to her song for a while. He really should be using the time to work on his 'Tactile Dysfunction,' as Rodney's recently taken to calling it, but there are only many hours one can contemplate one's hypothalamus before the urge to do irreparable ocular damage takes hold. So he's taking the day off, using his time he normally would've spent meditating to do other things. Like stand in on the uppermost balcony of the Central Atrium, watching the sun sink beneath the horizon and listening to Atlantis' ceaseless song.

The idea that John can remember every second is kind of haunting :(
true... though oddly enough she often tells me she fears what I'll name any kids I ever have.

And then of course I look at her like, "you do realize it takes TWO people to make a kid, right? I mean, what are the odds?" and then mentally add, "the only kids I'm ever going to have will be the ones I write into my fics."
It's pretty much "James" or "David" for a boy.

For girls it varies. Things like "Alexandria" and "Elenore" and "Victoria" - all rather oldfashionedy.