untitled drabble #56

Title: untitled drabble #56
Rating: G
Words: 200
Pairing/Character(s): sentient!Atlantis
Warnings/Spoilers: part of the  Ancient!John 'verse, taking place anywhere really
Disclaime Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summar Atlantis likes music.
Note Er.... IDK what this is. It just happened
I do not to do poetry. I really, really don't. But this ended up being the end result of trying to write something for Atlantis to sing in a future installment and, well, here it is.

We still remember, we who dwell 
In the endless sea of stars,
On this world of waters untamed,
Unbound by the foundations of the earth.

We long to return, we lost travelers, 
To the world that gave us birth, 
To touch a hand to her soft green hills, 
And dance among her bright blue skies.

For though we have numbered every star,
And tasted the fruits of every foreign world,
It is still of Loegria our children sing, 
And it is still for her soft waters we long.

I'm not big on poetry - a lot of time the meaning of it escapes me - but I do like this. Well done!