More on the P90

So, rhia_starsong mentioned in my previous post that the P90 isn't as good as the wikipedia article makes it out to be. So, after many attempts, I asked my dad (a 23 year vet of the US Army, 19 of which were spent in the Special Forces) what he thought of the P90. 

His exact words were, "The what?" 

So I had to pull up a picture of it. And he said, "Oh, that," in a tone that basically said it all. "Nobody likes that." 

Upon pressing for further info, he said that nobody really likes the fixed-stock thing the article goes on about. He also said it was hard for... Well, I'm not exactly sure, but he made a movement that looked like he was aiming a gun up high or down low, so I guess it's something to do with defending a position, based on context clues. 

When asked for what weapon he'd take with him to fight aliens (a question which elicited an eye roll), he said, "The one the British SAS use. The M4." There are a couple guns called M4 online, I'm pretty sure that he means the M4 carbine, which appears in variations in the later seasons of SG1 by teams other than SG-1. It's got a longer range and is more deadly, which I suppose you don't want if you're a more diplomatic-oriented team, like SG-1 is supposed to be, and a smaller magazine, which is why I suppose Atlantis teams didn't use it. 

Safe to say, I may have to alter my own 'verse to reflect this in later seasons.

Yeah, that would be the M4 carbine, which is a very good military-grade weapon. It's also less likely to jam than the P90. What I've never been entirely sure of is what brand the 9mms on the show are. Glock is the best, but I think the military has a contract with another manufacturer for those.

Yeah, the fixed stock can be a problem because it's not very versatile and makes it more difficult to use, apparently.

dad keeps promising to take me to a range to teach me to shoot before basic, but he's not gotten around to it yet. so I know nothing right now about guns in RL.

I'm pretty sure the 9mms are Colt M9s. I think. It's hard to tell. Except for John's - he gets a highly specialized Colt M1911A1 after "The Siege."
That's right, the 1911, so named because Colt first made it for the US army on commission in 1911. There was a brief time when we didn't use that as standard, but we went back to it in the 90s, I think.

I've target shot a Glock .22, an old Ruger revolver, and a couple of 45s, but it's been several years. The Glock and the Ruger were the most fun.
dad just got a pistol for up here - I don't remember what kind it is exactly, but it's a 9mm, I remember that. but all i know about guns comes from the internet, so...
Ah. I dated a guy in college who knew a lot about guns and we would target shoot together sometimes. I found 9mms have a bit too much kickback for me, and .22 ammo is cheaper anyway, which is why I liked the Glock. He used to watch shows with me and tell me about the guns in them; he's the one who told me the P90 sucks.
my dad hates syfy. passionately. I was watching an episode of SPN today and mentioned something to mom about one of the angels as dad was walking by and he said, very seriously, like he wasn't sure of the answer, "you do know it's not real, right?"

anyway, this is the most i've gotten him to say about anything SG1/SGA related. though he does agree with me that the Air Force probably won't be the ones to send land-based teams through the stargates, if it existed.
Gah, he sounds like my mom.

Yeah, blame the AF thing on the movie; of course, they had to have the Stargate somewhere like underneath NORAD, which is the Air Force's jurisdiction, so that's probably the only reason. There's a really good reason they sent the Marines to Pegasus in Rising.

Oh, also because it's not like you would be able to have personalities like Jack O'Neill, Sam Carter, and John Sheppard all be in the Marines, for instance. ;)

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god, yeah. the things my dad says about the marines.... then again, the things he says about the Air Force too...
Ooo, is it weird that I find this fascinating? I read your previous post on the P90 and in theory it does sound like the perfect weapon to fight aliens. I'm kind of sad the SGC never sent any Zats over to Atlantis - those would have come in handy! It's interesting how theory differs from real life experience...
it really is. In theory, the P90 does sound perfect for Atlantis, but.... I guess this is why military advisors exist in hollywood.

though I've gotta say, I'm not sure how the zats would've worked against the Wraith. Or any alien with a non-human body.
It'd be interesting to find out how zats work on a Wraith. I'm not saying they should have *only* zats, but. How handy would it be, two shots kill and three shots disappear?
IDK. I imagine Zats work on human physiology, for human reasons. like it shuts down the human nervous system or something. Wraith might have similar, being human-based, but... there's no garenttee. I mean, if they can suck the life out of something, zats might just make them stronger.
Oooh, good point, because it always annoyed me that the expedition was sent without any Zats, but I just figured new show, a desire to break away from the ridiculously noisy and obviously phallic zats! :-)
It really depends on two things:

1. How close is Wraith physiology to our own?
2. What exactly is the "life force" they feed on?
well, as for 2), I've always had the feeling (do not ask me why) that it has something to do with the Krebs Cycle - that the enzyme the Wraith produce supercharges this process to several hundred times more than it's normal rate, which then suck up all the NADP, giving them all the energy they need. Then, as the body loses it's energy - it's potential, if you will - it appears to age and die.

Either that, or they somehow dervive energy from telomeres, but that makes even less sense then life-sucking space vampires.

As for 1) well, we know they have a stomach and some sort of nervous system and appear human enough, but if the signals sent along their nerves are at different "frequencies" than ours, who knows how a zat might work?
I've been enjoying your run-down and analysis on the weapons here. LJ has been sticky with me tonight, though, so hopefully it will allow me to post this comment! Thanks for sharing!

sorry for your lj troubles, but I definately got this. And I've been enjoying it too, so it all works out.
What interested me most about your P90 discoveries was the very-light-on-maintenance thing, which, in an Expedition of very few people, makes sense. Everyone can care for their own weapon and and they could pack less equipment that way.

I gotta weigh in on the zat issue, though: I wanna say it wouldn't matter about the Wraith response to being shot by a zat, because when they first went through the Gate to Pegasus, they didn't even know the Wraith existed. They could have assumed the same or similar foes as in the Milky Way, all of which responded in the same way to the series of zat shots. However, we also don't know how many zats the SGC possessed--and I'm personally glad they didn't send SG-1 tech along! On a more meta level, I like that they gave SGA its own weapons and ships and even its own Gate. It made it more distinctive.

Thanks for sharing your findings (and your dad's reply!) and good luck at basic!
:D I've still got a couple weeks before I ship out, but thanks...

As for the zats, I think the argument can be made that they MIGHT have brought them with them, but they were so shortly thereafter faced by a deadly foe (who may or may not been immune to them) that they never wound up using them much. Or at all.... though I wanna say something about them appearing in "the long goodbye"? Is that my imagination?
I read somewhere a long time ago that the real reason that SG1 and SGA used P90's was because the actors liked them. They were light weight and the actors could rest their arms on them between takes. Sorry to but in. LJ is twitchy tonight and I had to come to your journal to find the next part I was trying to read.
no prob. the more the merrier.

though that does make sense. evil, logical sense which shall have no part of this discussion, at least when it comes to why a RL SGC might use them instead of "proper" weapons.