Some SG1/SGA Thoughs

It's weird the things you discover when looking up stuff for a fic.

I mean, take today. I was looking up, randomly, the proper name for the strap that affixes the P90 to a TAC vest (it's not called a strap, btw, it's a sling, see what I mean?) and in doing so I discovered some very good reasons why the SGC might want to use the P90 as opposed to other rifles.

I mean, looking at it, the P90 isn't much. It's only a personal defence weapon - it was originally designed for use by military truck drivers, mechanics, and the like (soldiers who weren't meant to be on the front lines, and who only operate weapons occasionally). It doesn't have the stopping power of an assault rifle, which is what you'd think somebody would want when going up against an enemy like the goa'uld or Wraith.

But, despite this, the P90 is used by special forces all around the world. Which is something.

It's specifically designed not to catch on your uniform. It's relatively lightweight, and has a fixed stock that makes it easily portable and just as easily accessed. And it's fully ambidextrous, meaning that right and left handed people can use it without ANY modification. It has a weird shape, but it's specifically designed to be ergonomic - which I guess is important for long fire-fights. It's also relatively short in length, meaning it can be used in tight corners (and armoured vehicles) with ease. Most importantly, it requires almost no maintenance.

So you've gotta give the writers props. They gave their teams a real world weapon that's almost perfectly designed for the situations their put in. Highly trained marines and aliens who've never seen a gun before can both use a P90 with ease.

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Yup, although I was reliably informed that the P-90 "sucks" as far as semi-auto rifles go. It is amazing, though, what you can find on the internet, isn't it?
huh. well, my dad was special forces. I'll have to ask him next time he pokes his head into my closet, 'cause now I'm curious.
Yeah, apparently the feeling is essentially, 'well, it's decent enough for civilians who don't know what they're doing, but it's not very powerful and not nearly as accurate as something like an M16/AR15'. Which is pretty much exactly what your cool research found! (I love authors who actually do research kind of a lot.)
well, they did get the Wraith stunners.... IDK. The zats themselves were pretty odd. I mean, "1 shot stuns, 2 shots kills, 3 shouts disintegrates"? That's a little odd, even for stargate.
Yeah, but once they established that as canon on SG1, it made zero sense not to at least send one or two along with the expedition. Seriously, knowing how dangerous our own galaxy turned out to be, who the fuck thought a whole different galaxy would be any safer? They certainly could have sent a few zats along after the first year. ::Large plot holes are large::
maybe they did bring zats, but we never saw them because they immediately found the wraith stunners and decided they were better/cooler?
I don't think they brought any zats and I've also wondered why. Aside from the possibility that the series' authors had yet another glitch in continuity - well, I don't know how zats are powered but we do know that the Atlantis expedition went into the absolutely unknown and possibly charging the zats with whatever kind of power they need would have posed a problem?

As for the P-90 - in the first season we see different weapons on SGA. Even the intro of the first season shows John firing at a dart with something else (something bigger) than a P-90 (don't ask me what kind of rifle, I have no clue when it comes to weapons) - we also see them (John among them) using heavier weapons in the S5 mid season ep when they fire at the Asgard exilants that kidnap Rodney and Daniel.

AFAIK the real reason behind using P-90 was that they were not as heavy and easier in handling on the set (don't ask me where I read that) but the fact that they need less maintenance (limited supplies of spare parts etc - expedition to the unknown etc) and can be handled by just about anyone (it's a research expedition, lots of civilian scientist with them - even the majority of them I would guess) be two big points in their favor.

that seems to be the general concensis, fan-wise, but you'd think that after discovering the Wraith and regaining contact with earth, they'd have gotten some bigger/better weapons to wage a war with.
>> fan-wise, but you'd think that after discovering the Wraith and regaining contact with earth, they'd have gotten some bigger/better weapons to wage a war with.<<

Yes. Funny, how they sent Ellis and his "Horizon"-platform when it came to the replicators likely planning to go after Earth but apparently had no spare money left to send Atlantis a few bigger guns to support them in their fight against the Wraith (who hadn't found a way to Earth yet).

I'm just saying ...