untitled drabble #54

Title: untitled drabble #54
Rating: PG
Words: 700
Pairing/Character(s): Ancient!John/Rodney, Sam Carter
Warnings/Spoilers: part of the  Ancient!John 'verse, taking place between pts 1 & 2 of "Manes"
DisclaimerTitle 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summa In which there is Atlantis
Note This was meant to be yet another start to pt 2 of "Manes," but never got any further than this... oddly enough, this is the versio without hat basically amounts to massive Atlantis scenery porn. Which just got creepy, even for me.


An Ancient!John Drabble

"You shall go with me... Where beauty has no ebb, decay no flood, but joy is wisdom, time an endless song."

WB Yeats Land of Heart's Desire

The ocean is an unbroken pane of silver glass beneath them as Odyssy appoaches for her second landing in the city.

It has taken them three days of limping to return to Lantea, the damage dealt to them by the Wraith and the black hole itself doing the 304 no favours, but the ship seems to glide languidly through the sky the closer she gets to the city, as if her only care in the world is to admire - and be admired by - Atlantis. It's a stupidly ridiculous idea, of course. If Odyssey had been Rory or even Orion, then, yes, maybe. But Odyssey is as bland and lifeless as they come. She has no personality, straight out of the factory that she is. The smell of new paint still clings to certain corners, underneath the stench of melted plastic and burned rubber.

But Atlantis...

Atlantis is the most wonderful thing to ever exist in the universe, even if he can't hear her voice. There's more life in her song then there is in a whole fleet of 304s - or, hell, some the people Rodney's known over the years.

More than that, though, she's home, and so Rodney abandons Odyssey's engine room to her own techs the moment he hears the faintest of Atlantis' song start to whisper in the back of his mind. He doesn't even bother heading for one of the observation decks - they're bound to be crowded with all sorts of Pegasus first-timers, - choosing instead to make for the nearest airlock. As beautiful and miraculous as Atlantis is to see from the outside, he just wants to be home again.

Sam must have the same idea, or, at least, a similar one because she's already at the airlock when he gets there. "Hey McKay," she says brightly, if tiredly. "How are things going with the sublights?"

"Terrible. For some reason you'd think the designers never meant for them to be used that close to the event horizon of a black hole. Oh wait," he snaps his fingers, "they didn't. Silly me for thinking they'd that they'd actuall equip he ship they sent for that specific purpose to do actually do what it's supposed to." Rodney sighs and lets his hands fall loudly to his side. Exhausted himself, he asks, "What about you? You get the sensors up and running again or are we still flying blind?"

"Not blind, more like with a really thick pair of glasses. I think we're going to end up having to rip out the wiring and replace at least half the antennae before we can safely head back."

"I'll have Radek assign Doctor Esposito and her team to Odyssey to help. They've had enough experience doing just that fo Orion nd Rory," he explains, "to be halfway decent at it. Should speed up your repairs by a day or two."

She smirks at him. "Ah, Rodney. That sounded almost like you were trying to be nice."

"Please," Rodney snorts. "You say that like I eat the flesh of disgruntled minions for breakfast and grind their bones into my coffee. Which," he says loudly as a few of Odyssey's knuckle-draggers turn the corner, "I do. Often, and without remorse."

Sam ducks her head, whether to hide her rolling eyes or widening smile, he can't be sure. "Whatever you say, McKay."

"Go ahead and laugh. I don't know about your minions, but most of mine can't be trusted as far as I can throw them not to make a mess of something my four-year-old niece could fix with her eyes closed and both hands tied behind her back."

"You know, you might get better results if you stopped calling them minions. Or comparing them to preschoolers."

Rodney pishes and punches the airlock controls the moment he feels Odyssey set down. "I'll start respecting them as human beings when I get the indication they have a higher IQ score than a gnat."

"Individually or collectively?"

"Either. I'm not picky."

Sam snorts as she follows him down the gangplank.

I really like the sense of belonging on Atlantis that Rodney has developed and the final remark of "Either. I'm not picky." made me snort as much as Sam. *ggg*

Pssst ... is there something wrong with your keyboard? There are a lot of first or last letters in a word missing.
I know. I know. I've tried to fix it in my html editor, but it keeps eating letters. I'm still trying to figure itout.

But I'm so glad you liked it. This chappie is giving me all sorts of trouble, but producing some lovely drabbles.
Definitely some lovely dribbles, love these little slices of life - despite your letter eating HTML editor, it will not win!
i will find a way to beat it, somehow

I'm also glad you're enjoying these drabbles. sometimes it seems like I have so many, no one will ever bother to read them all.
Delurking briefly!
Never fear that they aren't read - I for one eagerly read everything you right and keep watching for more.

I just love this au, and am living n fear of the upcoming severe withdrawal likely to be suffered in the not too distant future! So you need to write as much as you can before you ship so I have enough to stave off symptoms by rereading!
Re: Delurking briefly!
I'm trying to get to "The Return" before I ship - in 47 days. I may not succeed, but that's the goal. But Basic's only 9 weeks, so... hopefully after I'll be able to pick things up again
I love the idea of Rodney heaving for the airlock the minute he hears Atlantis' song. It just makes me so happy ♥