untitled drabble #52

Title: untitled drabble #52
Rating: PG-13
Words: 600
Pairing/Character(s): Ancient!John/Rodney, Daniel Jackson, Vala Mal Doran
Warnings/Spoilers: part of the  Ancient!John 'verse, taking place between pts 1 & 2 of "Manes"
DisclaimerTitle 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summary In which there is a hologram which isn't
Notes" This was meant to be the beginning of part 2 of "Manes" but gave me so much trouble it no longer is. Oh, an satore s the plural o sator, which is sower, as i the sower of seeds - and becomes seed ship ike SGU' Destiny n this verse. And so we get the first inclusion of the third series in this 'verse.


An Ancient!John Drabble

"In some sense, the advancement of our civilization is a race against time. On one hand, the march toward a type I planetary civilization may promise us an era of unparalleled peace and prosperity. On the other hand, the forces of entropy (the greenhouse effect, pollution, nuclear war, fundamentalism, disease) may yet tear us apart."

Michio Kaku arallel Worlds

Vala makes a slow circuit of the room, examining the hologram from every angle before choosing a perch just to the left of the control console. "Well, I must say, I've achieved a whole new respect for the Ancients," she says after she sits, pulling one of her ponytails over her shoulder and working to braid it.

"Yes," Daniel agrees, paging open his notes. "Atlantis has got to be one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Just imagine all the secrets hidden within it's walls - real meaning of life stuff."

"I actually meant Colonel Sheppard. Do you think all Ancients were like him, or is he just a particularly spectacular specimen?"

Daniel rolls his eyes. "Vala? Can you please not sexually harass our colleagues for five minutes?"

"Why? He doesn't mind."

"His boyfriend does."

If this is news to Vala, she doesn't show it. "So? It's just a bit of fun. Neither of us is serious about it."

"Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that."

"What?" She looks up halfway through taking out her second braid, clearly surprised, "You think he is?"

"No, but if  Rodney were to decide you were..."

"Oh, please. Like I've never had to deal with jilted lovers before."

"Why does that not surprise me?" he mutters under his breath. Then, louder, "I doubt you've ever faced someone quite like Rodney McKay. He looks harmless enough, but I've no doubt he could make your life a living hell if he ever decided you were a threat."

Vala continues tsking. "Daniel, darling, I've flirted with a lot of men in my time. I know which ones are serious about it and which ones are more trouble than they're worth. This Rodney fellow has nothing to fear from me and he knows it."

"Fine. But don't come crying to me when this all ends badly."

"Stop being so negative, Daniel, and get this show on the road. I want a chance to go exploring before we have go back on that nasty, cramped ship of yours for another three weeks of absolute boredom."

Daniel snorts. "Stop talking for a few minutes and I will."

She gives him the goa'uld version of the finger and goes back to braiding her hair.

He turns to the hologram of Morgan le Fey, which has been blinking apathetically at them for the last several minutes, and approaches her control console.

"Hello," the hologram says.

"Yes, hello. We're looking to learn about the history of the Ancients, specifically about the time they spent in the Milky Way galaxy."

"Please specify a time period. You may do so verbally, or you can enter your selection manually on the console in front of you."

"Can you just start at the beginning?"

"Yes," it says baldly, "but be aware for future sessions that manual input is required for most system interaction."

The hologram changes suddenly, the image of Morgan le Fey shrinking and moving upstage while a giant image of the Milky Way, silvery bright in all it's ethereal glory, appears overhead.

"The beginning of the Alteran presence in Avalon has it's roots in the Schisma between ourselves and the Haeretici," it narrates, her voice smooth and oddly low-pitched for a woman's. "After we were forced to abandon the home galaxy, the great urbes-naves  travelled across the universe for one million years, accompanied only by a handful of satores, which served as scouts and escorts. When the decision was made to end our great journey through space..."

I love that Daniel's fully aware that as harmless as Rodney looks, he could fuck your shit up if he wanted to. Because he could - and he so would.
he would too. granted, Vala doesn't have much in the way of credit scores or earth-based warrants he could mess with, but I'm sure he'd find something. Icy showers at the very least.
Rodney's damn clever and vindictive. That combination...I'm pretty sure he could make Vala's stay completely miserable, and maybe even the ride back to Earth.
true. but your exact wording made me think of squirels regardless.

dad's war has obviously gone on too long.
oh yes. squirells and racoons are everywhere, waiting in the wings to attack

I'd ask how dare you post that icon after knowing this, but it's one of my favs of yours
as well it should.

btw, i posted two drabbles today. the first one is kinda yours, if you're wondering about the utter lack of anyting resembling p0rn in this one