untitled drabble #51

Title: untitled drabble #51
Rating: R
Words 450
Pairing/Charecter(s): Ancient!John
Warnings/Spoliers: part of th Ancient!John 'verse, taking place mentally during "Manes" but at any point after S3 really
Disclaimer Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summary On the sexual habits of Alterans
Notes This one was intended to be the start of a pseudo-porn drabble fo popkin16 hat never came close to completion. Or even porn. But here's what could be salvaged of it anyway.

An Ancient!John Drabble

“We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it's a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”

Marilyn Monroe

Iohannes does not understand Terran reticence about sex. In his eyes - indeed, in the eyes of everyone he'd ever known prior to the Exodus, - sex is a perfectly natural act, no more different or unexpected than breathing. And while it can e an intensely private, passionate thing if done under the right circumstances, it's also one of the most impersonal things one can do with another person - if it's the wrong person.

For Iohannes' father, sex had been the most casual, unceremonious of things: more of a way of getting to know someone than to become close with them. If he felt the slightest bit of attraction to someone, he'd act upon it, and one of Father's greatest gifts had been finding something attractive in everyone. If the other person was uninterested, rare as that was, the subject would be dropped and that would be that.

Granted, there had always been exceptions, Father's relationship with Forcul being the primary one, but the end result was that there were only seven people Iohannes could say with absolute certainty that Ianus had never slept with. Five of these were first-degree blood relatives, himself included.

This had always been a fact of life for Iohannes: Father liked sex. Other people liked having sex with Father. So long as the sex didn't take place where he could see it, Iohannes could frankly care less about the whole thing.

But the Terrans...

The Terrans are s prudish bout sex that he sometimes wonders how their species manages to propagate at all.

Okay, that's a bit of an over-exaggeration. They just have a lot of taboos about it.

For instance, they don't like talking about it - unless it's gossip. Anything that falls within the realm of gossip is fair game, to the point where Iohannes has often thought that their society runs more on rumour and innuendo than it does on facts of any sort.

They don't like stumbling upon it either - unless it's on a television or movie screen, in which case they can be interested to the point of obsession and accepting of even the most implausible sexual encounters. And this isn't even counting the videos they dedicat solely o the act.

Then there are all their proscriptions about who can have it with whom, which have got to be the strangest of them all. It's almost enough to make him wonder why he bothers with them at all.

And then of course they do something spectacular, like implant themselves with nanoids or say just the right thing, and he remembers all over again why Terrans are his favourite Descendants.

I'd imagine the Pegasus native Descendants are a lot less prudish about sex; no time to be embarrassed by it when the Wraith could show up any minute now.
true. I don't see them as prudish about it at all, but the Terrans are the ones he spends the most time with, so they're the one the subject comes up most around.
We are weird about sex, aren't we? It's a combination or reasons, I think - religion, the world-wide safety we experienced (no ever-present threat of Goa'uld or Wraith to make things like sex no big deal), and so on. And if all the Alterans were pansexual (didn't you say that once?) then they'd find our views all the more odd.
Yep. The Ancients are pansexual. Iohannes (and his father) take it one step further and are omnisexaul - ie, rather than just attraction to anyone regardless of sex or sexual idenity, they also add in a regardless of species.

And we are wyrd about sex. On the Genology of Morals is quite a facsinating discourse about it, though of course Niezche blames Christianity and it's shame culture more than is probably neccessary, but....
I love the outsider pov about Terran cultural mores. I have always thought there was a basic logic in the origins. Fidelity was about knowing blood relationships to prevent incest which is usually a biological dead end. Anti homosexuality was because same sex couples didn't put new butts in the pews. The increasing animosity in texts was competition to be the best writer of text for (fill in religion here) and make a name for themselves. JMO. Somebody builds a pyramid, someone else has to build bigger.

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