A Quick Letter

A quick letter to the person who stole my credit card info today:

Dear sir or madam,

Congratulations on you dedication. Considering my level of paranoia when it comes to my banking info, as with the rest of my peronal info, you must have struggled long and hard to steal what is rightfully mine.

Your time was wonderful too, coming right before my credit card autopay was set to withdraw as it did. Thanks to you my accounts are overdrawn, and because of work-related reasons I was not able to discover this until the phonelines for my banking and credit card companies were closed. You have messed not only with my already crappy evening, but my tomorrow as well, and most of my forseeable future.


Personally, I don't see how you can justify your actions. I acknowledge there are grey areas when it comes to stealing - if you were starving, maybe, or needed life saving medication. However, my credit card statement shows you have purchased several hundred dollars worth of video games, which even an avid gamer such as myself cannot condone. Especially considering my finanical situation is somewhat fragile at the moment.

But your skill and tanacity is beyond a doubt. So, again, congratulations. Hopefully you have as much skill in avoiding the fincial fraud investiagtors who will shortly be set on your trail. It is my understanding that the holidays are not pleasant to spend in jail.

Yours sincerely,
Oh, no! I'm so sorry this happened! I hope they catch the greedy, lazy bastard.
as do we all.

Because it really, really is exactly what I needed after the rest of the mess today was
Well, i had to drive to Railegh to see my recruiter, per his request. As I'm living in Boone now, this is a 4 hour drive....

Which means I had to get up extra early to get in my workout before going to Raliegh. And then, when I get there, not only am I tired and grumpy, HE'S NOT THERE. No sign of him, despite the fact I emailed to check he'd be there yesterday.

Luckily my brother came with to do some shopping (his office is in the mall), so the trip wasn't a total waste, but he never showed over the 2 hours we were there.

Add this to the fact that my monetary situation is such that I have exactly the amount of money to last me til when I leave and absolutely no more - a fact my mom and I were "talking" about this morning before breakfast and, well, it was no fun at all this day.
Yeah, I know what you mean about the money thing; it sucks. Don't you just hate it when people aren't where they say they're going to be and don't let you know that? So rude. I hope things get better for you soon, though.
They will. I'm cashing in the last of my savings bonds tomorrow, which should patch this crisis until I get it resolved with the credit card company. It only has to last until I leave for Basic on 12 Feb, after which I get a steady income.

Thank god my expensies are almost nihl.