Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (special extended edition) commentary

To be completely honest, The Two Towers is my favourite book in the triology. 

This is in large part because, if you look at the timeline, all the events in the book take place in two weeks. It's fast paced (more or less), exciting, and Rohan has always been my favourite LotR nation. (I mean, have you seen Edoras in the movie? Or Helms's Deep?) And you can more or less read this book with ease - ie, read the first book, which is all Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli being heroes, and then skip over the second one, which is all Hobbits in Nasty Places, which stops being interestng after the first chapter or so, if that. 

That being said, the movie does a great job of integrating these two books and making them into a far more coherant, cohesive, interesting narative than the book itself ever manages to be. Intersplicing Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli's stories with Sam and Frodo's as well as Merry and Pippin's makes for a far more compelling tale. Even if the Ents and Hobbits in Nasty Places still manage to bore me. 

Plus, The Battle of Helm's Deep is one of the most wonderful battle scenes ever filmed, hands down. It is very... IDK what the exact word for it is, but you get that sense of desperation that they must have felt, as well as a battle that the veiwer can actually make sense of and, dare I say, enjoy. But, again, Rohan as always been my favourite LotR nation. Especially in the movies, with the sheer wonder that is their capitol city. 

Though, to move on to Gondor for a moment, I really like how they've treated Faramir in the movie. He's another one I watch for, just because he tries so hard to earn his father's love but can never get it. But I might be projecting there. He's also a genuinely good person and, to ship for just a minute, I'm glad he and Eowyn get together in the end, because they honestly, truely deserve one another (in the best way) and their relationship seems much more real and natural than Aragorn and Arwen's star-crossed love. And Eowyn herself is such a strong character - perhaps the only truely strong female character in LotR. I know arguements could be made for Gladriel and even Arwen as "strong," but truely believe this. Eowyn manages not only to hold herself and her family together, but she rides into battle in RotK because she thinks it's the right thing to do. I know there is more than one kind of strength, and that of the sword is only one kind, but she is truely the best of all possible options and so genuinely good that, again, I'm glad she gets her happy ending with Faramir in, well, the end.

I may be a misantropist, but I'm a fuzzy-hearted romantic one. 

Other thoughts... I really love the evolution of the friendship between Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli in this film... and I love Karl Urban as Eomer, just because I love my crossovers and he's become one of my fav actors (If you want an ST:AOS/LotR xover, read caitri's "That Which They Defend," which I think is the crowning jewel of that genre, though I'm admittedly not much for it usually). Again, I love the gratitous scenery porn (particlarly in Edoras, though the scene when they're breaking the dam at Isengard is also beauitful), and the costumes (there can never be too much said about these) and the props (insert my love of medival weaponry here) and the music (wonderful, as always). 

Truely, it is my favourite part of the LotR triology.