Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (special extended edition) commentary

I would like to make a confession: I don't actually like Lord of the Rings.

Perhaps I should clarify:

I think that the idea of Lord of the Rings is great - it is, hands down, one of the best ideas ever written. I love Tolkien's worldbuilding and the tangible, real feel most of his characters have. 

What I do not like is Tolkien's storytellin, ability, which pretty much sucks, hands down.

I mean, the first half of The Fellowship of the Ring is really nothing but hobbits, which is rather boring if you ask me. A case of too much background if you ask me - this coming from a person who creates the most extended timelines/backgrounds/etc for every fanfiction she writes, and once created an entire language  for a Original Work that I really should get back to one of these days. And then take The Two Towers - half of the book is great, all Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli doing heroic stuff, and the other half is Frodo and Sam trudging through the wilderness, which is sucky storytelling at it's worst.

I mean, I've read the books. Like three times over the last 15 years or so. And I read the Similrillion once, though I've been told it makes more sense if you listen to the audiobook. But the point is I do not actually like The Lord of the Rings books, and think the movies are a vast improvement. 

That being said, I'm still not very happy with The Fellowship of the Ring movie. The entire first disc is needed to get them to Rivendell, and pretty much the only redeeming thing about the first disc is the way cool and semi-creepy "The World is Changed..." speech Gladriel gives in the begining. Which is way cool. Things get better with the second disc, obviously, but it's still rather tiresome and somehow fails to hold my interest while I'm working out. (And when you're working out for the entire length of the movie, you know things are boring when even the movie fails to hold your interest.) Aragorn and Legolas are really the only two characters I have any interest in (my lifelong fascination with anti-heroes and elves probably being the source of that), though Boromir's character evolution - and particularly his death scene - are something else. 

But the movie itself is something else. The costuming is great. The scenery is magnificent. The music is superb. But the movie just doesn't interest me. It is better than the book, but that's like saying.... I dunno, that cookies are better than carrots. Ie, kinda obvious. 

...Though I must admit that ever since the semester we spent o De Bello Gallco in Latin class I've never been able to watch Gandolf's "You Shall Not Pass" scene with a straight face. Mostly because Caeser writes something very, very similiar at one point. Or maybe only one of my classmates translated it that way. Either way, the humour takes out most of the drama.

Maybe when I rewatch the special effects/commentary discs I'll be more iterested. That's usually the case. 

[One last thing: I've never found a fanfiction for this series that I've liked. Or even been able to finish. This may be because, while I can see the inevitable homoerotic undertones in most of what they're saying, I get that it's just the culture. And most of the fics I've tried seem to be turning the fellowship into an orgy.... Or maybe that's just the stuff my freshman roommate (who had a shrine to Leogolas, I kid you not) showed me. Either way, never found a fic I liked for this series.]
You know what? I HATED reading Lord of the Rings but I love the movies. Tolkein is as bad at waffling as I am but not quite as bad as Victor Hugo. Now Les Miserables was prime example of waffling to the nth degree
one of the many reasons I hate classics. In fact, I've often told my mom that the worst books EVER written are from the turn-of-the-century to WWII era, which is kinda ironic since one of my favourite books, Of Human Bondage, is an exemplar of that time period. But every rule has its exception, I guess.

The movies are wonderful though. Hopefully The Hobbit will be just as good, though how they'll manage to strech it out into 3 movies, IDK.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is 2 hrs 50 mins at release

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring was 3 hours at release, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was the same and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was 3 hours 2 at release
the special extended collectors edition of FotR is ~3:40 min. TT is just under 4 hours, and RotK becomes 4:20, I believe.

Then there's approx 8 hours of dvd extras per film. that's a lot of movie.
I tried to read the first book and couldn't get through it. I think I reached Tom Bombadil (sp?) and just couldn't go on. He described the forest TOO MUCH, there is a thing as too much description. I think I'll stick wit the movies.

I've wanted to read The Hobbit for awhile though...I hear it's better?
The Hobbit is much better. Much more accessible. Tolkien just has no sense of pace or storytelling. If you skip to Rivendell in FotR, read more or less to the end, read the non-hobbit half of TT, and then the Battle parts of RotK, that's all that's worth reading. It's also like 1/3, 1/2 the reading.

Tom Bombadil bugs me too.
I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I try to read those books...though finding those specific scenes sounds kind of difficult.
second half of FoTR.
one of the halves (I forget which, but it should be labeled) of TT
...pretty much the last 2/3rd of RotK