untitled drabble #48

Title: untilted drabble #48
Rating: PG-13
Words: 470
Pairing/Charecter(s): Ancient!John, Atlantis
Warnings/Spoliers: part of the Ancient!John 'verse, taking place immediately after pt1 of "Idolon," ie, during "Misbegotton"
Disclaimer: Title 17 of the US Code, § 107, aka the Fair Use Doctrine.
Summary: Iohannes came back from the higher planes with a gun.
Notes: How did I get thru november without posting any drabbles? Anyway, this was going to be the start of pt. 2 of "Idolon" and then, well, it wasn't.


An Ancient!John

"Seeing, hearing, feeling, are miracles, and each part and tag of me is a miracle. Divine am I inside and out, and I make holy whatever I touch or am touch'd from."

Walt Whitman "The Song of Myself"

The next morning finds Iohannes sitting on the Gate Room steps, examining his gun as he waits for the IOA snoop, Woolsey, to arrive.

Strictly speaking, it's not a gun. It's an arcus: an energy weapon conceptually similar to a Terran maser, using pulses of artificially amplified electromagnetic radiation to inflict damage rather than copper-jacketed balls of lead. To be absolutely specific, it's a manuballista, which is more of a personal defence weapon than anything else - the P90 of Atleran weapons.

More than that, it's Iohannes' gun, the one Father had built specifically for him when he had first joined the Guard, the one which had been lost when Tirianus Fell. He's sure of it. He'd known that gun better than he knows himself. This one is identical in every way, from muzzle to heal.

This gun should not exist. And if it does exist anywhere in the universe, it is as a slag of rusted metal at the bottom of the sea, with the rest of the wreckage from Tirianus' uncontrolled descent into the Lantean Ocean. Yet here it is, in his hand, looking exactly like it had the moment before it had fallen from his hand in the seconds before G-LOC had set in.

Which begs the question: is it real?

It's obviously not. After all, he can hold it, and the only things Iohannes has been able to manipulate in any manner since he Ascended are things directly related to his own person. It, like his clothes, like his body itself, are only manifestations of his essence. It's little better than a hologram.

And yet, he's holding it, which one certainly cannot do with holograms. He cannot feel it, but it is there nonetheless, and when he'd taken it down to the range the other day it had certainly worked like a gun ought. So even if it's not real, per se, it's certainly acting that way.

Curious, he sets the gun down on the stair next to him. It stays on the stair next to him for all of six seconds before flickering out existence, only to reappear back in its holster a minute later. Iohannes repeats the experiment twice more, to the same result. But the fourth time...

The fourth time, the manuballista stays on the steps for seven seconds before reappearing in his holster.


/Yes, pastor?/ Atlantis asks, the lights on the Gate Room stairs flickering with curiosity and concern.

/Time this for me, would you? Tell me if I'm imagining things or I'm actually seeing what I think I'm seeing,/ he says and repeats his experiment until seven seconds become eight.

/How are you doing that?/

/I dunno. But you can be damn sure I'm going to figure it out./

And so it begins: Iohannes' quest to become a real boy.

I joke, but this is a very good thing, I think. If he can learn to make himself solid...Chaya managed it, though I think she was only half-ascended? I don't remember. But John can do it, I know it!
Chaya was fully ascended but chained to Proculus.

...and John will manage it. One day. (Its very amusing. the current theory among my AO3 commenters is that I'm going to move "The Last Man" into S3 and have his time travel count towards his punishment. It's very inspired.)
AH. That's not an episode I watch often (John is so OOC) so I couldn't remember.

John can definitely do it XD (...huh. That'd be interesting. Not something I had ever considered, though. That's extremely clever though wouldn't the Ascended know and all that?)
No one should watch that episode often.

And, well, the thought is that if his time in stasis counts towards his age, time travel would work in his favour too.
Love your drabbles! This is very interesting, hope John can figure out a loophole in his punishment!