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My brother swore his oath of enlistment to the US Army yesterday - he's got 2 more years of ROTC before he's commissioned, but I'm proud for him. He also apparently won a couple of awards for scholarship as well, so I'm glad to see he's doing well.

I saw my own recruiter yesterday, for check-in purposese. I ship out in 73 days, and then afterwards mom and I went to the Fun concert. They we great - seriously, except for the Muse concert, which can never be beaten out of spectular showmanship alone, this was the best I've ever been to. They had so much energy and had, well, fun performing. It was infectious. Granted, the opening band, HRVD, ("Harvard"), sucked beyond all description, but Fun itself was great. Even after the 4 hour drive each way is taken into account.

Plus, I've 1,446 words of the next AJ verse instalment done (1,000 of which was written in one day), and finally figured out the "soundtrack" for the start of S3, so things are good. Yay!
Congrats to your brother! I'm so glad the concert was a great deal of fun, and I am SUPER EXCITED that the AJ verse is going well :D
It is brilliant isn't it? I've got about a thousand more words before this chappies done, I think. But I've a hike now and then some yard work before I can start.