Numb3rs S2 commentary

I write this happy in the knoweldge that, while there are four more seasons of Numb3rs to follow this one, I shall not be watching any of them.

Don't get me wrong. Numb3rs isn't a bad show, per se. It's just not good. Even during the long, arderous hours of working out I do each day, I simply cannot get into any given episode. I had hoped that I would become drawn in during S2, but rather found myself longing as early as s2e18 for the season to end, if only so I could say I gave it two whole seasons' worth of shots.

It's not any one thing, really. It's the way there's absolutely no arc between one episode and the next. It's the way Charlie is totally PTSD during "Rampage" and overly brave in the next episode. It's the way Amita continues to be a compltely boring and unintereting, underdeveloped, there-for-the-sake-of-a-female-mathematican/love linterest only. It's the way Sarah appears in "All's Fair" completely out of the blue, only to make Amita jealous of Charlie after their romance seemed to have fizzled episodes ago - and the way Sarah appears so small and delicate next to Charlie, with his big hair and large nose. It's the way Don has this bizzare almost non-accent that I can't pin down which bothers me immensely. It's the way Larry is the only character I kinda even like any more, but his relationship with Megan just baffles me. It's the way Don seems to have been romantically involved with every female law enforcement agent they work with. It's the way "Dark Matter" existed and just failed to interest me, and all the episodes were ripped from the headlines.

But mostly it's the way their mother appears in "Head Shot" so completely out of nowhere, which was so bizzare and bad and strange that I couldn't even finish the episode. Because, really, if you jump the shark in S2, what does that say about the rest of the series?

(Actually, it's mostly about the fact that no decent fanfic exists for this show. There are like 1000 fics on AO3, most of which are very short or incestous, and if something cannot compell anyone to write decent fic about it, it cannot be good. [This also confirms for me that Avatar is awful, as less than 100 fics exist for that on AO3 at last check.])

So I'm giving it up. I've moved on to Lie to Me, which, while not brilliant, at least hasn't bored me yet and seems to entrance my cat (who comes into the room and watches the episodes for 15, 20 min stretches at a time, not wanting to be petted or otherwise interupted, which he never did during Numb3rs). I sorrow that my parents don't have cable, though, so I cannot watch the new Supernatural tonight and must wait for Hulu to post it in the morning.

But oh well. New Supernatural tommorrow morning, Fun concert tomorrow night, and I'm on a bit of a hot streak with my writing for the next installment, so hopefully I'll have something for you guys soon. ::crosses fingers::
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Ah, see, I loved the last three seasons of Numb3rs best, but I can't stand anything past S2 of Supernatural--largely because of the same reasons you mentioned (especially the shitty fanfic)! What're the odds? I'm glad the writing goes well.
really? I thought SPN just started getting good during S3 - but then again I am a fan of plots and story arcs and the like (particularly long, dark ones with lots of meat, like How to stop Dean from going to Hell, How to stop the Apocalypse, How to stop Lucifer, and etc etc etc.

Numb3rs... well, maybe if I held out, it will get better, but I have no strength for it now. Maybe I'll come back to it, but I doubt it.

Le sigh. (Though one last thing, I do think the post-S2 SPN fanfic is better than then pre-S3 stuff.)
Well, I like plots, but I found that SPN worked much better when it was the episodic stuff of S1 and 2; I couldn't stand the melodrama of the newer stuff. And I don't think the fic improved any just because the slashers could stop writing incest and start putting an angel in there, but that's just me. It seems to be a very unpopular opinion.

I always felt that Numb3rs had a really good plotline through all the seasons, but I suspect we're looking for different things in these two shows.
I actually thing SPN worked better with a plot line, but, again, that's just me. And I love Castiel. And dean/Cas. So I guess we are lookingr for two different things in our fic.

Numb3rs was was to "monster of the week" too, so yeah, I guess we are looking for different things in our shows.
Yeah, Castiel just sort of struck me as an ass with no real reason to be so; McKay was an ass on purpose and was good at it, to put it in context.

I think you're a little right on the first two seasons of Numb3rs being somewhat too 'ripped from the headlines'; they did a better job in later seasons. One of these days we need to get together and watch these shows and point out the squee-worthy things to each other.
Cas is an angel. Angels are righteous. Plus, his character evolves beautifully over the seasons. But I can't argue with you about Rodney.


We could do a live squee over skype, but I do most my tv watching while working out, so it's hard to type... But maybe one day wel'll figure something out
But maybe one day wel'll figure something out

Hee, that would be nice. I guess that was another thing I didn't enjoy about the Castiel arc--bringing religion into my show in such a major, unavoidable way. I firmly believe the only way to deal with religion is to ignore it, so that became impossible. Ah, well. I can do without being frightened by my television shows.

Last nights episode was hilarious. Dad came out to the garage (ie, the home gym) to see why I was laughing so loud, that's how funny it was.

I'm normally all for you about religon in TV shows, but I think this one honestly does a good job of balancing it. It shows other religons, other gods. And, more interestingly, it shows that even Angels doubt.