A Dose of RL

I am currently sitting in my parents' hall closet, on an mattress wedged atop one of dad's old army cots, surrounded by half a dozen pillows and a really thick blanket. This is now my bedroom.

To be honest, it's not a bad setup. There's absolutely no room to roll out of bed, or to fail about in the night, but it's not too bad. Cozy. Warm. A little stuffy. But it is now equipped with an extension cord for my iPad, so it is almost heaven. 

See, since thanksgiving is a family holiday, my sister had to be invited to my parents house. And since their news house is tiny, she got my brother's bedroom, my brother got an air mattress in the garage, and I got the closet. She has since gone back to her place and my brother has retaken his bedroom, but I still have the closet. Granted, he goes back to school tomorrow, do I can have his room until Xmas break, but it might actually be easier just to stay in here. It IS cozy. And since I'm now officially moved out of the old house in preparation for it to be rented out, this is now something I have to actually consider.

getting in and out is a pain, but it is niceish.

I don't know why but I wanted to comment with: OmG you became Harry Potter!


... anyway, I've had set ups in bedroom closets like that over the years and they are pretty nice and cozy.
Oddly enough, this is these one time in my life I've slept in a closet. The first wa when I was in 3rd to 5th grade in Okinawa. My sister and I shared a room, but I was small so we put my bed in the overhead bins above the closet. It wase nice. This closet is nicer.
Thank god I'm an only child. My first thought when reading that room shuffling thing was, 'why does your brother have to give up his room? And why are you the one stuck in the Harry Potter cupboard?'. The only time I ever had to give up my room to a family member was when I was about 7 or 8 and my grand-aunt and -uncle came to see us in Atlanta all the way from MD. Hey, as long as there's room for the computer, it's all good.
It's my sister. She... Has issues and cannot be made/ expected to sleep in anything but a bedroom. C'est la vie.