Numb3rs S1 commentary

So, given the choice between watching Numb3rs or Charmed on Netflix (yes, it has pretty much boiled down to that), I chose Numb3rs, not expecting much.

And, to be honest, I've really not gotten much either. But I'm enjoying it more than I expected - though, to be honest, I'm really watching it for the math. None of the characters really interest me, though I have a soft spot for Charlie. And Larry, if I must be pressed to have a second favourite. I frequently forget Don's name during episodes, and, frankly, didn't even notice I'd finished S1 until I looked up from my packing and noticed the screen said s2e2. Which doesn't say much for the memorability of the show.

I'd probably give it up if I didn't need something that flickers to watch while on the tredmill. But I do, so...

I really do watch for the math. (And, because I've been asked, I don't find any of the characters attractive in the least. Though I have gotten over thinking of Charlie as the Santa Clause elf every time I see him. Which is an improvement.) "Prime Suspect" is possibly my favourite, mostly because it has both Neil Patrick Harris (I blame my brother for that) and the Reimann Hypothesis. Though "Dirty Bomb" and "Sacrifice" with Joseph Gordon-Levitt were quite good. I'm particularly fond of the why math is great and why science can be dangerous at the end of "Sabatoge" and "Scarifice".

I find it odd how Don knows every adjunct they call in, but love how he doesn't know everything about his brother and how their relationship is more or less normal. IE, not codependant or archenemies (as with most TV fraternal relationships). Mostly, though, I love how normal everyone is, even if it does make for rather dull TV.

Also, I don't particularly care for any of the offered relationships - not Don/anyone or Charlie/Amita - though I've a real soft spot for the Charlie/Larry friendship, and if any decent fanfic existed for it, I could possibly happily ship it. But almost none does, and I don't really care, so I'm not broken up over the lack of ships.

::shrugs:: It flickers, so I'll continue to watch it.

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Wow. Those are really the two choices you're down to? DDD: I'm sorry. I wish Netflix had a better selection, or at the very least had The West Wing.
It's not that there's no selection, I've just watched everything else. More or less.

Shows I've i watched in their entirety in the last few months (that I can remember):

Stargate sg1
Stargate Atlantis
BattleStar Galactica
slings and arrows
Due south

Along with significant parts of:

Stargate universe
Star Trek enterprise

I spent a lot of time on the tredmill. I can get 4-5 episodes watched a day that way alone
WOW. That's a good number of shows. I can only get 4-5 episodes a day done if I watch those episodes with somebody!