Everything is numbers, Math is everywhere

So, because I'm in desperate need for novelty in my life, I started watching Numb3rs today. And since my dad's taking "intro to introduction to math, I sent him a link to this bit from the end of "Sabatoge":

This was his response:
Never ever speak to me again about the goodness of math...sigh... as a parent I tried so hard....... I blame your mother. She thinks math is important too... fool.
I sent him a message back saying MATH IS BEAUTIFUL. I'm curious to see how it escalates from here.

LOL, I'm not great at math, but I love that show! Now we can squee about it, too. Math is beautiful when I'm not the one doing it.
math IS beautiful. The show's not brilliant, I'll admit, but it's interesting enough to keep me going, so we can squee all you want.
I think it was really very good at showing math that people cared about and that could have been esoteric but had a good application. So much of my early objections to math was that it was not useful, so that was pretty cool to see a show take that on. Sure, they had to work within the constraints of being a TV show, but I thought they did a lot of things well. (Also, Rob Morrow is always hot...) Interestingly enough, NUMB3RS is one of the few shows where I don't really slash any of the characters.
...actually, I don't find Rob Marrow hot at all. He and his character bores me (I frequently forget his name during episodes). Charlie is the only one I really like all that much - but I'm only like 7 episodes in, so that may change. All I know is, I'm really watching it for the math.

yeah, I've got issues
Now, see, I'm the opposite. Charlie I can take or leave. I mean, I like his character later on, but I prefer the action elements anyway. If you're watching for the math, you'll likely be disappointed, as I said, because it's still network TV.
well, i'm only watching because of the math I should say. without it, the characters aren't interesting enough to hold me. And while there are some pretty decent action elements so far, I do like the math bits so much more. Plus, Charlies a somewhat adorable, very real character I could actually see as a professor, as opposed to some tv genius characters.

moslty, though, I'm watching it because it flickers. and it was either this or charmed.
I loved Larry the best out of all the profs on the show. Also, the multiple times they had Bill Nye as a guest star were awesome. I thought the characters stood up well on their own, especially as the show progressed.
Larry is kinda great.... IDK. I think the issue I'm having is that the characters are all TOO normal. I just can't really get behind any of them - though, again, I'm not that far into it, so that may change.
Oh, they kick the 'too normal' thing pretty quickly by S2 at least. And the Charlie/Amita romance is sweet for the most part. I really love Alan, too. He's such and adorkable dad.
that's good to hear, I guess. IDK. I'm taking this series slow, mostly because I really do need something to watch on the tredmill and it ireally is this or Charmed.
I think this series is one to watch twice; some of the episodes are better on a second viewing. Also, anything is better than force-watching Charmed.
Maybe in a few years or so. I've got a memory for things and have a hard time even rereading books I love because I remember so much of the plot. I have to wait like 4 or 5 years between rereads (or reveiwings) in most cases to get any enjoyment out of it.
See, I enjoy that part, getting to the parts I remember liking so much, skipping the ones I didn't. I re-read and re-watch stuff on a very frequent basis. I guess I've always been like that. Some shows/books I do have to space out, though, like you say.
i have to do that with everything. it's really annoying because while I like rereading stuff, if I don't space them out I really don't enjoy them as much. It's for my own good. I did a big reread of all my books one time and it took me a year to do it, I'd so many.... of course I've had to get rid of them all. I swear, I must have taken at least 1000 books to the used bookstore.
I almost never get rid of books; I probably still have the ones I read as a teenager (okay, I know I do). To me, they're like talking to old friends.
i never got rid of a book in the entire time we've lived in this house. but with my parents moving and me going into the navy, there was really no where to keep them, so I've got a box of my favourites in their attic (a very heavy, large box) and the rest had to go. It took 10 laundrybaskets to transport them all. And mom has heavy duty oversized baskets