Grimm S2.0 commentary

As we are now at the midseason break for Grimm - s2e12, "Season of the Hexenbeast," - I thought I'd take the time to share my thoughts so far.

Most of them being: what the fuck happened, writers?

I mean, granted, the first half of S1 wasn't that strong either, but once we got to "Let Your Hair Down" things started getting really, really good, and the season finale was quite spectacular. And the first two episodes of S2 - "Bad Teeth" and "The Kiss" - were beyond brilliant. But then...

But then things went so far down hill that the last episode I was able to watch without cringing was "The Quill," and even while I was watching "Season of the Hexenbeast" today on the tredmill I got bored during the 68 second commercials Hulu shows between acts. I mean, seriously, it was like the writers were intentionally trying to draw everything out over the last few episodes so that everything we've been waiting to be resolved since "The Kiss" came to a head ten episodes later, in "Season of the Hexenbeast." And even then not very brilliantly.

I mean, I was over the whole Nick-Juliette-Renard love triangle by the third episode, and, frankly, I have no idea 1) why Nick slept on the couch for what amounts to 5 months when she didn't remember him and probably never will, 2) why a house that size doesn't have a second bedroom, and 3) why Juliette didn't kick him out because, hello, sharing a house with a man you don't remember and have almost zero interest in remembering is borderline creepy. And she's just such a 2D, damsel in distress, insipid love interest character that I can't bring myself to care about Nick's angst.

And while I'd hoped Hank finding out about Nick being a Grimm would help things out, it just made things worse, because I've come to realize the whole Nick/Monroe interaction is kinda what made the first season. And even if you don't read it with slashy hints - I don't except for fanfiction purposes, and even then only because he's more interesting therin than Juliette - their frienship is kinda epic and sidelining Monroe for Hank just ruins everything.

Granted, "The Hour of Death" wasn't a bad episode, and there were some seriously cool fight scenes in "Bad Teeth," "The Kiss," and "Season of the Hexenbeast" that make me adore bamf!Nick just a little bit, but mostly S2 so far was just boring. I mean, "La Llorona" just made me want to shoot myself - or turn off the TV - and as I had the accidental happenstance of watching the pilot of SPN directly afterwards, which deals with a Woman in White itself, I can definately tell you the later handled the myth much better. Same with the Wendigo that appears both in the episode of the same name in SPN (s1e2) and Grimm's "To Protect and Serve Man." Beyond that, everything this season has been so predictable it hurts - particularly "The Bottle Imp" and "The Good Shepherd."

In short? I think I would've given up on this series already if not for the fact that my parents remain obessed with it (Mom actually disagrees with me and thinks that "Bad Teeth" and "The Kiss" are the weakest episodes in this season, but then again she thought SPN's pilot was beyond scary, so what does she know? And Dad is about as descerning a TV veiwer as, well, no one I can actually think of - he watches The First 48 and Storage Wars with alarming regularity.) And even then I probably would've stopped if it wasn't for the fact that it's on Hulu and my boredom knows few bounds.

Here's to hoping S2.5 is better.

Also, on a side note, my fic rec list has been updated to include a few more dS fics and my selection of SPN favs so far.
Grimm S2
I, too, thought that letting Hank in on it would help - but now think I was wrong. It *is* cutting into my inner Nick/Monroe storyline in the show, and head. And while my inner slasher loved that Nick finally left and is staying with Monroe, it REALLY should have happenned a few eppys ago.

I will say that the Captain standing at the trailer is freaking me out a bit...

On a side note, Boo and I went for dinner in near-downtown PDX yesterday and stumbled upon a filming. It HAD to be Grimm, though we're not totally sure...
Re: Grimm S2
Well, if you live in Portland, I know that it's filmed more or less on location. If not, Idk what else it could be.

But I totally agree with you - Nick should've moved out ages ago, and Hank is just NOT HELPING and... well, I hold out hope.